Create a Strategic Plan for Well World Success

When you really get to know Well World, you learn to see it is a flexible, multi-faceted tool that can support various areas of your practice and business:

  • It is a streamlined patient-engagement tool unlike any other — with an app that supports your patient’s success by automatically guiding them to better outcomes through regular tracking.
  • It has a unique patient-monitoring feature — which enables you or your staff to see patient data in real-time. It is an adjunct to your care to help you adjust treatment and better support patients with less effort.
  • It is also a virtual dispensary — allowing you to recommend and have drop-shipped supplements from Designs for Health to patients, saving you time and effort of managing inventory.

Well World is simple to set up and start using, but it is most useful when you understand everything you can do with it. Once you do, you can simplify implementing Well World into your practice by putting together a strategic plan for how you will use it in your practice.

Choose Nutrition Plans for Your Practice

What is your health practice specialty?

Whether you focus on weight loss or detox, support women’s health, or specialize in heart health, or digestion, you likely prescribe similar treatment plans and protocols over and over again.

Your Well World practice comes with a library of dozens of clinical-grade, done-for-you nutrition plans that address multiple health concerns. They are all designed by a Registered Dietician, so you can feel confident assigning them even if you do not specialize in nutrition. Whether it’s vegetarian, Mediterranean, Low FODMAP, Paleo, or something else you need to support your patients, Well World’s library of nutrition plans will have you covered.

And while you can always recommend any of the done-for-you plans, chances are like many practitioners you will likely rely on a few “go-to” plans that suit most of your patients’ needs. Choose your top “go-to” plans from the Well World library, and then really make them your own by customizing them.

Personalizing and Customizing Your Plans

Each nutrition plan in Well World is pre-loaded with recipes, menu plans, shopping lists, daily reminders, and automated messages.

You can make the plan look and feel more like it is part of your practice by customizing the name of the plan, adding or revising reminders and daily messages, and adding your own educational content— including documents and videos.

Automated reminders help patients stay engaged with their plan and reinforce healthy habits — so they are more likely to have better outcomes. With personalized reminders from you, Well World can help improve patient compliance and results when you assign a recommended nutrition and supplementation plan.

Well World automation also takes work off your plate—like having a personal coach in for every patient.

Choosing Who Will Monitor Your Patients

Who will be monitoring your patients in Well World?

Depending on the practice model you choose, it could be you, your support staff, or other practitioners or health coaches that work with you in your practice.

You or your staff can see exactly how your patients are following their plan based on what they track in their Well World app. The data patients track show up in real-time in the dashboard of your Well World practitioner portal.

Once you decide how you or your staff will monitor patients, you can set up a schedule for checking in and following up with patients.

Low Touch vs. High Touch Support - with Well World you decide.

Some practitioners schedule time to look at their patient dashboard once a day and follow up with patients who need support. Other practitioners may have weekly check-ins with patients and offer a limited window of “office hours” where patients can get in touch with questions or concerns.

However you choose to set up your patient monitoring, it is important to write down your plan for checking in on patients.

Well World makes it easier to provide more support with less effort. Your patients get added value without you or your staff adding many extra hours.

You can let your patients know what they can expect from your office in between appointments and that you are monitoring their progress, which can help them stay compliant in following their plan.

Using the Supplements Only Feature in Well World

If you don’t want to offer nutrition plans to your patients, you can always use the supplements-only feature in Well World to offer supplements.

There are many benefits of using Well World for supplement-only recommendations:

  • Patients will get a reminder email with a link to purchase their supplements
  • It saves your staff time and headaches of managing inventory and dispensing in-person through your office or even remotely.
  • Patients can easily order and reorder supplements and get them drop-shipped directly to their door through the virtual dispensing feature in Well World
  • You can easily track your supplement sales that come through Well World.

Well World can be your online dispensary and personalized patient escripting solution. Your patients can purchase supplements easily and have them drop-shipped to their homes.

You can use the done-for-you supplement protocols created by Designs for Health. These have been curated by their staff health experts to support specific goals, issues, and conditions. You can even build your own protocols from Designs for Health complete product catalog.

Or you can personalize your supplement recommendations for individual patients. Whichever way you decide to offer supplements, doing so in Well World can help you earn recurring revenue through generous commissions from Designs for Health.

Planning for Success in Well World

When you write down your strategic plan for implementation, it’s easier to follow through and use all of the best features that Well World has to offer. Having clarity from the beginning can ensure that your practice can maximize all the value that Well World can provide to your practice.