Brand New Feature: Simplify Your Patient Visit & Checkout Process with Virtual Dispensing

The new Well World® Virtual Dispensing feature simplifies your patient visits and makes sure that your patients are getting the supplements you recommend to optimize their health – all while increasing your practice revenue!

Increase Your Supplement Revenue

Now you can accept patient payments for supplements and fees for lifestyle and group programs during in-practice or virtual patient visits — and Designs for HealthTM will dropship your recommended products to your patients for you.

Improve Patient Compliance

With this new feature, you can also charge for and provide supplements from your own inventory and set them up in Well World to follow your guidance and track progress.

Patients can use the Well World app to track their supplement intake. You can set up dosage recommendations in Well World, and patients will get automatic reminders through the app.

Reduce Your Overhead Costs

You can use Virtual Dispensing to process patient supplement orders on the spot during their visit without stocking products in your office.

You can also use Virtual Dispensing if you want to stock just your Designs for Health favorites and still have access to the complete catalog of available Designs for Health supplements. The best part is that you earn the same generous commissions as your other Designs for Health patient-direct sales channels!

Include Supplements in Your Overall Program Price

Are you charging a fee for services or programs and then asking patients to purchase supplements separately? Now you can accept payment upfront and have the supplements dropshipped to your participants.

It’s an easier one-step purchase process that will increase patient compliance, as well as the overall revenue and profitability of your services and programs.

How it Works for Individual Patients

1. Assign your patient a plan following the usual steps in Well World.
To watch a how-to video click here.

2. When assigning supplements, the practitioner may turn on the new “In-Practice Purchase” toggle button, to indicate the patient will be paying the practitioner directly for their supplements.

3. The practitioner chooses from the In-Practice Purchase Options – ship to the patient or provide from the practitioner’s in-practice inventory.

4. A practitioner may complete the supplement purchase and dropship at the time of the patient visit or, at a more convenient time for you or your staff. If a Virtual Dispensing dropship order has not been completed, it will appear as a Pending Dropship Order. See How to Complete Pending Dropship Orders below.

How it Works for Groups

Follow the usual steps for setting up a group:

plans tab
1. From the Plans Tab, choose the plan you want to use for your group.
assign supplements

2. On the plan page, assign supplements to the selected plan under Supplements

3. On the Groups tab, choose an existing group or Add a new group.
4. Assign the appropriate plan to the group, either when adding a new group or by editing an existing group.
5. On the group page under Supplements, toggle the Virtual Dispensing button on to enable Virtual Dispensings for all members of the group.
pending drop ship orders

6. When the practitioner adds a new member to the group, the individual patient dropship order will require purchase processing by the practitioner to complete. If a Virtual Dispensing order has not been completed, it will appear as a Pending Dropship Order. See How to Complete Pending Dropship Orders below.

For Zapier-powered automated programs and landing pages

If you are using Zapier to automate your patient sign-up forms or payment process for your Well World-based programs and services, you can now incorporate the Virtual Dispensing feature automatically.

To program the Well World Zap for Virtual Dispensing

1. Follow Step 1 for connecting your landing page form or other source to your Well World Account using Zapier.
2. In Step 2 – Action, choose In-Practice Purchase (under the Note Field) at the bottom to set In-practice purchase options.
3. Complete the rest of the Zap
4. Test your Automation! Use a test email to confirm your landing page Zap is working.

How to Complete Pending Dropship Orders

If there are any incomplete Virtual Dispensing orders, the Pending Dropship Orders alert at the top of the portal will indicate the number of pending orders.

pending drop ship orders alert

1. Click on the Pending Dropship Orders link next to the Text Chat button.

2. Select the Buy Now button for the patient order you wish to process.

3. Enter the patient’s shipping address and YOUR PAYMENT INFO to complete the purchase order on behalf of your patient or client. Designs for Health will process and ship your patient’s order for you.


  • Practitioner can turn off Virtual Dispensing for an individual or group at any time.
  • Patients can reorder supplements at any time via the Buy button in the Well World App.
  • Completed purchases will appear under the Sales tab within the Well World portal for the individual patients.