Dr. Bronwen Martin Launches Successful Group Program With Practice Building Boot Camp

Dr. Bronwen Martin is a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Martin received her doctorate from Cleveland University and her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University. She completed her postdoctoral studies at the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Her journey into functional medicine started with her own health issues — prediabetes, hypothyroidism, gut issues, and acne. Through functional medicine, she found ways to course correct and regain her health. “Solving my symptoms with Functional Medicine was such a game changer that I decided to pivot from chiropractic into a Functional Medicine practice,” she said.

Now she is the founder of her brand-new practice, Modern Functional Medicine Center. “On the advice of my mentor, Dr. Brandy Zachary, I decided to set up my practice virtually,” she said.

Since she started her brand-new practice, Well World has been key to launching her services online. She offers testing, nutrition protocols, and supplement recommendations through Well World.

Well World is Flexible and Customizable

Dr. Martin set up her practice as a membership program. As soon as clients get into a program, they are set up with a nutrition plan and supplement protocol that is customized to their specific needs.

She appreciates how many features and plans are included within Well World and how easy it is to customize plans. For example, she can easily assign specific supplements that support each client on their own personal wellness journey to reach their goals.

She also likes to see all her clients’ tracked data in one place. “I love the tracking and how I keep a finger on the pulse of my clients,” she said. “I can see exactly what clients are doing. If someone is tracking and then drops off, I can give them a quick check-in message to see how things are going.”

Clients Love Using The Well World App

Dr. Martin finds that giving clients the app makes it easier for them to follow their recommendations and stay compliant. “My clients love that they can take the shopping lists to the grocery store and plan out their meals with the recipes,” she said.

Well World’s text messaging feature is a game-changer for her clients — and her practice.
“I found that patients feel more comfortable connecting through the app. They have options to call my office or email, but they find it easy to ask questions and get support through the app,” she said.

Dr. Martin checks messages twice a day and responds to clients. And because all of the messages are in one place, she can respond to many clients at the same time — instead of wasting time on task-switching between email, phone, and other software.

Growing an Online Practice From Scratch

When Dr. Martin was in practice as a chiropractor, she saw patients in person. She didn’t really know much about online marketing or launching group programs online. So when she decided to create a 100% virtual practice as a Functional Medicine practitioner, she needed support.

To grow her practice faster, she joined Well World’s Practice Building Boot Camp to launch her first group program.

Practice Building Boot Camp Makes it Easy to Launch her Group Program

Before the 6-Week Practice Building Boot Camp, Dr. Martin had never put together a completely virtual group program.

“I didn’t know what a landing page was or how the technology worked together,” she said. “Mindy Neal made it really easy and fun to put it all together. It was a fun and creative process.”

With Mindy’s help, Dr. Martin created a brand-new group program called Stunning Skin in 6 Weeks. She partnered with a successful med spa to cross-promote her program and bring more ideal clients into her practice.

She offered participants virtual group coaching via Zoom, a private group, and the Well World app. Each participant gets one of Well World’s done-for-you nutrition plans and is assigned supplements from Designs for Health through the app.

Anyone who signed up had their nutrition plan — with menus, recipes, and a shopping list — right at their fingertips in the app. And they could order their supplements within the app, which were then shipped directly to their doorstep.

She launched about two weeks ago, and it was really well received. For her first cohort, she has 14 people participating in the program.

Dr. Martin is Already Pre-Selling Her January Detox Reset Program

She already has about 12 people interested in participating in her next program, which hasn’t even launched yet.

“Several people told me that they weren’t quite ready to sign up yet because of the holidays. They asked if I would do it again. So I let them know that I would be launching a January detox reset program — and some of them already signed up for it,” she said.