Make It Your Own: Bring Your Brand to Life in Well World

Well World is a robust online patient engagement tool, virtual dispensary and ecommerce platform all in one place.

It is pre-loaded with an entire library of done-for-you nutrition plans and recommended Designs for Health Supplement protocols that you can assign your patients in just minutes. And it allows you to give your patients a free mobile app that will support their health journey. The app also makes it easier and more convenient for them to purchase your recommended supplements.

You can make Well World even more powerful for your practice when you take advantage of the personalization options to put your own voice and brand into it.

Make Well World Sound More Like YOU!

Each done-for-you nutrition plan in Well World contains pre-populated messages and instructions that are automatically sent to patients when you assign them the plan. This is so that you can start using Well World right away with your patients, with just a few clicks.

However, we have also made it easy for you to edit any of these messages so that you can write them in your voice.

With Well World at their fingertips, your patients will have a “mobile health coach” to help them stay accountable, which will help them get better outcomes.

The Well World app and practitioner platform saves you time by helping automate repetitive tasks that are part of the coaching process.

While your patient is being prompted to stay on top of their goals, you can spend more time on your practice goals. And you will be able to easily see how well they are complying with their plan in your practitioner portal.

When you customize Well World to match the tone, style and branding of your practice, your patients will have a powerful, personalized “extension” of you in the palm of their hand. And you will have a powerful engagement tool that will help your patients get better outcomes.

Personalize With Your Photo and Practice Info

When you log into Well World, you can update your personal information and practice name. 

In the upper right corner, click on the arrow next to the image icon and select “profile.” 

Here, you can change or add:

  • Your practice name
  • Your display name (what your patient will see in their Well World app)
  • Your professional headshot or profile photo
  • A personalized message that your patients can see on the contact screen in their app
  • Your phone number or other contact information.

Each of these small personalizations add up and help your patients feel like they are connecting more directly with you on a daily basis, even if you are actually only speaking during scheduled appointments.

Customize Your Nutrition Plan Name

You can use all of Well World’s clinical-grade plans put together by our RD and Nutritionist and make them your own. 

You are free to put your own name and spin on each plan as you see fit — we don’t mind! 

When you customize plans to fit your practice brand, they will look and feel more like a natural extension of what you offer in your office. 

In the Plans tab, click on the plan that you want to customize. 

Once you are inside the plan, click on the pencil icon next to the name of the plan to create your own custom name.

Show Them You’re There… And You Care. 

Adding your own content to Well World one of the most powerful ways for you to drive engagement, education, and results.

The more that your patients “see” your brand and style in their app, the more that they’ll feel like you’re on the journey with them.

Write Your Own Daily Messages

Each plan comes loaded with You can also edit any of the pre-written daily messages within the plan. 

Personalizing the Well World app for your patients helps them stay more engaged with their plan. With the Well World patient app, you can send them daily notifications and alerts to help them remember to track their meals, work out, take supplements, and more. 

Just click on the Daily Messages section in the right side of the screen, and click the pencil icon of the messages that you want to revise. 

You can personalize messages with daily affirmations, thought provoking questions, tips and hacks and other messages of support.

Customize Documents and Videos For Your Patients

You can use already existing content that you have —- like educational patient videos, recorded teleclasses, or handouts and articles that you give to patients.

Or you can record new videos, audios and handouts that work with the plans that you will assign to patients. 

These personal touches can help your patients stay more engaged with their plan. And because they will live in the app, your patient will be able to review them throughout their health journey. 

If you have documents that you hand out to patients to support their care plan, you can upload them right inside the plan. You can also link to any instructional or educational videos that you offer to patients.

You can also record video messages introducing your patients to their plan, or videos that offer them helpful tips for success when they are going through it. 

Adding your own proprietary assets can help make each plan feel more like it’s coming directly from you.

 Making your plan “branded” in your voice and style can help patients feel like they are connected to you, and getting your advice each day when they open their Well World app. This connection can help improve compliance and get better outcomes for your patients.