You didn’t go into your health practice to crunch numbers. If you’re passionate about wellness, you’re likely to prefer conversations and personal contact to screens and spreadsheets. Yet in our modern world, data tracking is everywhere. Patients wear fitness trackers or carry smartphones that track their steps, heart rate, sleep cycles, and more. When you get your patients to also track their meals, conditions, meditation practice, and supplements, you have a game-changing window into their overall progress. That’s why we made the data in the Well World practitioner portal easy to read and understand to empower your practice.

How much data do you need?

It’s not a question of how much data, but instead which data is important for patient health? Measuring the right data points for your patients can help you see how they are making progress.

Most fitness trackers count your steps, record your heart rate, and calculate calories burned. Higher-end trackers may also record fitness intensity, oxygen levels, VO2 max, energy, and stress levels.

While some of your patients might geek out on data, you don’t need all of the measurements that the advanced devices may offer.

Well World lets your patients track the main habit changes that are the biggest needle movers when it comes to achieving health goals. And it gives you just enough of the right information to help you guide clients effectively.

What can you see in Well World?

Your patients can track all the essentials to improving health conditions and empowering habit change:

Sleep – essential for brain health, energy levels, weight loss and cellular repair
Nutrition – which helps improve symptoms, boost energy, and lose weight
Movement – important for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
Meditation – supporting focus, attention, and mental wellbeing
Condition – bringing clients awareness of their progress and improvements
Supplements – which can help accelerate the benefits of nutritional changes
Weight – which measures their progress toward their goal

For patients with chronic conditions, you can also include measurements to track biological changes such as blood glucose, blood pressure, body fat index, urine ketones, and pain index.

Well World also syncs data from fitness trackers and apps, smart scales, blood glucose meters, and more. It makes it even easier for patients to share data with you.

When you place your cursor over each measurement dot in your practitioner portal, the system will tell you exactly how many times your client has tracked their progress. For example, in the image below, you can see that this patient has meditated twice in the last 2 days for an average of 10 minutes a day.

Save time and effort with patient data

Your patients are responsible for tracking their own progress. All you have to do is set them up with a done-for-you nutrition plan, Designs for Health supplements, and any other metrics you want them to track for you.

As soon as you log into your practitioner portal, you can see a list of all of your patients and when they last tracked their data.

With the simple green-yellow-red “stoplight” system, you can instantly know which patients are being conscientious with their food choices, whether they’re staying active if they are building their mindfulness habit, and if they are following with their supplement recommendations

This can save you hours of time in follow up because you instantly know who needs help and who is on track.

Streamline your communication with data

If your patients are on track, you can send them a quick message of support through your practitioner portal. And if they’re not on track, you can also reach out to provide some extra help.

Get in touch – Click on your patient’s name to access their profile. From there, you can write them a quick note or send them a text message that will be sent to them through their app.

Start a group – do you have a few patients who need extra support? You can create a group in your practitioner portal where you send group messages to keep them motivated. Having them all in one group makes it easy to batch communications and keep them all on track.

Get better results with Well World

You don’t need to inundate yourself with metrics. When you can get the right information and use it efficiently, data can help you save time and support your patients – just when they need it.

The Well World practitioner portal makes it easier for you to reach more patients to reach their health goals without adding extra work to your busy schedule.

Your patients track their own data. As they track their progress, you can see all of their data in one place.

By looking at data regularly, you get better insights into what works and what doesn’t, and how to improve patient compliance.

Well World allows you to support more patients with done-for-you programs, integrated with your own Designs for Health supplement dispensary. With these tools, you have everything you need to help clients get faster results that last.

Better results lead to happier patients that will refer more patients to your practice. And you get the satisfaction of helping more people while making a healthy income.