Feature Update: Track Your Supplement Sales in Well World

Are patients following the nutrition plans and supplement protocols that you are offering them? How do you know if your patients are taking your supplement recommendations through Well World?

Now, you can track the Designs for Health supplement sales you make through Well World with the brand-new Well World Sales Information module.

The Sales Information module will help you answer your most pressing questions about your supplement sales:

  • Did your patients purchase the recommended supplements?
  • What are the total sales of supplements that your practice has made via Well World?
  • What products are being purchased by your patients?

Better Patient Insight

As a practitioner, you will know if your patients are following their recommendations and purchasing their recommended supplements. All of your patient’s data is in your portal, including their supplement purchases.

You can also more proactively follow through with your patients if they do not purchase recommended supplements. If patients are not following the protocol you recommended, you can send them a message through Well World.

Clear Order & Sales Data

The new Sales Information module can also help you better understand the revenue you have generated through Well World. You will see exactly what your patients purchased, the status of their orders, and what discount was applied. You can also see which supplements are most important to your practice so you can recommend them more often.

How It Works

  • You can recommend Designs for Health supplements to patients using Well World — assign supplements through the plans section of your portal
  • Patients can order supplements through Well World, and they will be shipped directly to patients
  • Designs for Health supplement sales information is automatically updated in real-time and displayed in your Well World practitioner portal
  • The Supplement Sales tracking module on the Well World Practice Dashboard displays total Supplement Sales from patient purchases via Well World
  • Individual order details are is displayed on the Sales tab page

To start using your Well World Sales Information tracking features, log into WellWorld.io today!