Boost Revenue and Get Better Outcomes With Nutrition Plans

Most patients get better health outcomes when they make diet and lifestyle changes along with their practitioner’s recommendations. Well World gives you instant access to dozens of done-for-you nutrition plans. You can prescribe immediately with a few clicks.

As a Well World practitioner, you can use our plan library to add more value to your current patients’ care plans. You can earn extra revenue in your practice, and get better overall results.

Done-For-You plans save money and time

Our staff nutritionists design each Well World plan, saving you the time and headache of building your own. By using our proven, done-for-you plans, your practice will save on the cost of having to hire your own nutritionist to develop recipes and meal plans.

Plans to support wellness and reduce chronic symptoms

The Well World library contains plans that address chronic conditions. There are plans for type 2 diabetes, hypothyroid, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiometabolic syndrome, IBS and GERD, adrenal fatigue, and more.

For patients who are generally healthy and want to maintain their health, you have several maintenance plans. These can support weight loss, energy balance, and well being.


Easy for patients to use and track

You assign a plan to your patient, and they can use it in the Well World app. Your patients can track what they eat. Daily meal options pre-populate in the app so all it takes is a click to mark what they have consumed. If they didn’t eat the receommended recipe, patients can check off that they ate something else.

If you want to see more details, you can have patients take photos of their meals and send them through the app.

All your patients’ tracked nutrition plan data will show up in your Well World practitioner portal. You or your staff can review how they are progressing whenever you like.

Easy to customize done-for-you plans in your brand

You have the ability to edit and change the name of each of the done-for-you nutrition plans to align with your practice’s brand and style. You can also edit and customize the automated Patient Welcome Email and daily reminders that get sent to your patients as pop-up notifications from their app.

With a few small edits, you can take any of these done-for-you plans and make them sound more like your own brand and style.

Dozens of plans to chose from - and more to come

Well World is constantly updating its library to add the most popular nutrition plans so that you have plenty to offer. You can assign plans to current patients as an addition to their healing protocol. You can also use plans to attract new patients to your practice.

Each plan is easy to assign and simple for patients to follow.

Diagnostic plans

Use any of these plans to help your patients identify baseline health metrics and uncover potentially unhelpful foods.

  • Food Diary – have patients track their food, exercise, measurements, and conditions before assigning them a nutrition plan and protocol

  • Elimination Diet – this plan removes dairy, gluten, seafood, nuts, corn and more to help you and your patient identify food sensitivities

  • Elimination Vegan Diet – the vegan version of the above plan that helps you and your patient identify food sensitivities

Preventative plans

Any of these plans can support patients’ wellness goals and keep them on track to achieving them. You can also use challenges as introductory group programs to attract new patients into your practice.

  • Clean eating challenge – this guide that focuses on whole foods – fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fat, eliminating gluten and dairy. It offers flexibility with options for lunch and dinner without a set meal plan.

  • Low sugar challenge – This low-glycemic meal plan supports patients who are pre-diabetic, have Type II diabetes, have inflammatory issues, or want to reduce their sugar.

  • Low sugar vegan challenge – similar to above but excluding all animal products.

  • Mediterranean diet – this plan emphasizes fresh, whole foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy oils, fish, poultry, whole grains and low-fat dairy.

Therapeutic plans

You can use these plans to reduce symptoms of chronic conditions, along with your prescribed treatment plan.

  • Adrenal support cleanse – a low-sugar and high healthy fat and protein plan to support the adrenal system. Focused on whole, fresh foods and includes bone broth, miso and sea vegetables.

  • Anti-candida diet – Developed in partnership with Dr Keesha Ewers, this plan helps eliminate candidiasis. It excludes foods with high-glycemic load, including grains, dairy, legumes most starchy vegetables, most fruits, added sugars and alcohol.

  • AIP Paleo reset – this Paleo-style plan is designed for patients and patients with inflammatory issues and autoimmune disorders.

  • GERD support – this gut health support diet addresses acid reflux, heart burn, and other digestive issues. It removes common gut irritants such as high-fat foods and spicy foods.

  • Healthy Heart challenge – a diet plan free of added sodium and designed to support patients with hypertension or high-cholesterol.

  • IF Cardiometabolic challenge – this plan combines a cardiometabolic plan with intermittent fasting to promote a healthy heart. It can also be used by patients with hypertension or high cholesterol. All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and free of added salt.

  • IF Mediterranean challenge – this plan brings intermittent fasting into a healthy, flexible mediterranean style diet for lifelong health and balanced weight

  • Ketogenic – a high-fat food plan using the traditional Keto macro template —- 60-75% of calories from fat, 15-30% protein and 5-10% carbs (30g or less net carbs per day. Recipes focus on organic and wild-caught proteins and whole-fat dairy.

  • Low FODMAP challenge – this plan is designs to help improve symptoms of IBS and other gastrointestinal issues. It includes 28 days of following a low FODMAP meal plan, with an additional 28 days for testing for intolerances by reintroducing high and medium FODMAP foods.

  • Paleo challenge – this classic Paleo plan focuses on clean animal proteins, nuts and vegetables and fruit, eliminating all grains, dairy and legumes.

  • Thyroid support challenge – this Paleo-styled plan is designed for healthy thyroid function and includes legumes (lentils) along with other thyroid friendly foods.

Maintenance plans

These plans can help patients stay on track and maintain their health.

  • Food Diary – no recipes or meal plans included, the diary is a tool to help patients keep track of their food intake, exercise, measurements, and conditions.

  • Clean eating challenge – this flexible guide includes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fat, eliminating gluten and dairy. Guidance for meals without a set menu.

Earn more revenue with supplements

Designs for Health has a wide range of high-quality supplements that address specific health issues as well as foundational health.

Each plan in your Well World practitioner portal has custom Designs for Health supplement protocols to support it.

You can e-script the protocol that goes with the Well World nutrition plan, and add your own notes and directions. Or you can select specific Designs for Health supplements or convenient detox and weight loss kits and assign them to patients.

Your patients can order supplements through Well World and get them shipped to their doorstep. It’s easy and intuitive for your patients to use.

With your Well World virtual dispensary and done-for-you supplement protocols at your fingertips, you’ll save all the precious staff time and energy it takes to manage your own supplements.

How to prescribe plans in Well World

  1. Click on your patient’s name. Click “add plan” to prescribe the plan.

  2. In pop-up window, choose plan and start date, and choose metrics that you want your patient to track. Add supplement plan and discount

3. Add personal care note for your patient

4. Attach plan documents and personal documents – your personal care note, and plan documents will be sent securely through our HIPAA compliant messaging