Keep Your Patients Engaged With Automated Reminders

When you see your patients during a follow up in-person or virtual appointment, it’s easy to see if they have been following the care plan that you put together for them.

But as the owner of a busy practice, there’s little time to keep track of all patients once they leave your office, or until you “see” them next via video.

How well do your patients stick with their plan in between visits? How well are they adopting healthier habits? Are they reporting better results? Feeling better, sleeping better, having less pain, moving more? How do you know?

Now, you have a powerful, automated tool that can keep your patients engaged with their plan and give you a real-time view of how they are doing between consultations.

Well World is your patients’ mobile wellness coach

When you give Well World to your patients, the app will act as a virtual, mobile coach to support their journey.

The app allows patients to track metrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels, weight, waist size, body fat index, temperature, urine pH and more. Patients can also track what they eat, how much the exercise, sleep, meditate, and how they feel physically and emotionally.

In your practitioner portal, you can see in a glance how well your patients are tracking, whenever you want to check in on them. But what’s even more powerful is the way the app can do the coaching for you through automated reminders.

Automated reminders are included with each plan

Every nutrition plan in Well World is pre-populated with automated reminders that pop up throughout the day to help guide and support patients — a virtual extension of your practice’s care and guidance. Reminders are scheduled for different days, and specific times during the day, as a gentle nudge to help patients to stay on track.

These done-for-you automated reminders are there as a starting point so that you and your team can start using Well World right away.

But you don’t have to keep them as is. Instead, you can rewrite or edit each reminder message to give them your own personal touch.

When you customize reminders in your own voice and style to sound like you, it can help your patients feel like you’re on the journey with them all the way.

Keep patients engaged with their plan

Many of the automated messages are simple reminders to stretch, hydrate, take their supplements, log their progress, or daily question prompts to get them thinking about their new habits. You can rewrite them —- or have your staff reword them — to say whatever you want that will help your patients stay engaged with their plan.

For example, if you’re running a low sugar challenge group, you can customize messages to remind patients of healthier sugar swaps, how to soothe cravings, to check in with themselves about their energy and moods.

If one of your specialties is gut health and you recommend the GERD plan, you can customize messages in that plan to remind patients to avoid spicy foods.

Practitioners who incorporate mind-body medicine can create automated reminders to practice yoga, breathwork, meditation, or other practices.

These small reminders can help patients stay engaged with their plan, which can result in better outcomes. The more specific the reminders are to the plan and to your practice, the more they will sound like you’re speaking directly to them.

Help more patients in fewer hours through automation

If you find yourself repeating the same advice to multiple patients, automated reminders can help.

And as an added time-saver, if you have an assistant or health coach working alongside you in your practice, you can have them write and edit the automated reminders, which can also save them hours of time.

Even better, you can customize reminders once in a plan, and re-use them with multiple patients. All you need to do is assign a new patient to the plan, and the updated reminders will be ready to go out.

How to personalize Well World automated reminders

It’s easy to revise your automated reminders to fit your health practice brand and style. We’ve pre-populated a number of reminders for each plan that you can use or edit, and you can add new reminders as well.

Start by logging into the Well World practitioner portal and navigate your way to the Plans Library. Click on the plan that you want to customize.

Scroll down to the reminders section [bottom left], where you’ll see a number of pre-written reminders that are scheduled to go out at various times of day.


Click on the pencil icon to edit each specific message.

When you’re editing the message, you can change:

  • Which days in the plan the message will appear
  • At what time your message will pop up on your patient’s app
  • And the exact wording that you want in the message

Once you have made the changes, click the update button and they will automatically be updated and scheduled — no need to do anything else.

How to create new reminders

If you want to create a new reminder, just click on the green new reminder button in the upper right corner of the reminders section.

The pop-up window will allow you to write your custom message and schedule it to go out at a specific time on specific days.

Automated reminders give you a powerful way to nudge your patients toward their health goals without you having to physically be there. With timely prompting, your patients will develop healthier habits faster and get better results.

If you find yourself repeating many of the same advice and tips to your clients, these automated messages can now do that for you. They will deliver your same message in the right place at the right time, just when your patient needs to hear it, and in your own voice.