Celebrate 2021 Well World Feature Improvements

It’s been quite a year at Well World, and we are wrapping up our year in celebration! We aim to continuously improve the Well World practitioner portal and the patient app so you can support more patients and grow your practice with less effort.

If you haven’t tried out all of the great features that we added to Well World in 2021, check out these quick how-to articles to get the most out of Well World – every day and all year round.

Stay tuned for many more new features, upgrades, and improvements in 2022!

Well World Portal Improvements

  • PIPEDA compliance — now Well World is both HIPAA compliant for US practitioners and and PIPEDA compliant for Canada practitioners.
  • Well World Supplement Sales Tracking  — see which supplement sales came through your Well World portal.
  • In-Practice Checkout/Dropshipping  — virtual dispensing for your brick-and-mortar practice.
  • Per Patient Documents — add individual patient-specific documents to any plan.
  • Acuity Scheduling Integration  — view and set Acuity appointments right from your Well World practitioner portal.
  • Well World Practice Implementation Training course  —- set your practice up for success with support from Betty Murray, CEO of the Perfect Practice Blueprint and founder of Living Well Dallas.
  • New Well World Plans & Supplement Protocols — a total of 45 specialized nutrition plans and almost 70 curated Designs for Health supplement protocols.

Ecommerce Improvements

  • Well World Continue Shopping – now Well World patients can purchase additional products right from the Designs for Health website.
  • Patient SMS Messages  — a new way to keep patients informed and improve compliance.

Patient App Improvements

  • Accessibility/ADA Updates — now Well World is built to serve patients better with improved accessibility.
  • TouchID/FaceID login — easier access and more secure.