Feature Update: Patient SMS Text Messaging

At Well World, we are continually making improvements to help you support your patients easily and efficiently — without adding more to your plate.
That’s why we are excited to announce our latest feature upgrade: Patient SMS Text Messaging. Well World will automatically send SMS text messages to your patients to let them know when they have a new nutrition and lifestyle plan or a new supplement recommendation in their app.
SMS text messages can be sent for new and repeat patients:
To alert patients when you assign a new lifestyle program (with or without supplements)
To alert patients when you provide them with a new or updated supplement recommendation (with or without a lifestyle program)

Easy Set Up in Your Portal

Just add a patient’s phone number to their profile and flip the switch on. Your patient will get automated SMS text messages whenever you add a new plan or supplement recommendation, or update their plans and recommendations. SMS Text Messages are sent on an opt-in basis via the patient’s mobile phone text messaging app — not through the Well World app.

Simple Opt-in Process

When you turn Patient SMS Text Messaging on you will need to confirm that you have permission to send your patient an SMS text messages. They will first receive an opt-in text message to confirm their permission, and your patient can opt out at any time by texting STOP. If for some reason a patient wants to stop receiving the SMS text messages, they can easily opt-out by responding to the message with “STOP” — and messaging will be automatically turned off.

Save Time While Keeping Patients on Track

SMS text messages are a simple, effective way that you can support and communicate with multiple patients at once. It will save hours of time while keeping patients better-informed of any plan and protocol updates.

How it Works

1. Choose the patient you want to enroll in SMS Text Messaging from your practice dashboard or from the Patient tab.

2. Enter the patient’s mobile phone number in field marked Phone.

3. Turn on SMS Text Messaging

4. Press OK to verify your permission to send your patient SMS Text Messages.

5. Patients are instantly sent an SMS Text Message alerting them they have been enrolled in SMS notifications; they can opt out at any time by texting STOP.

Please Note: Whether or not SMS messaging is enabled a patient will continue to receive default Well World patient email notifications for new plans and supplement recommendations assigned to them.