We’re pleased to announce our new Acuity Scheduling integration in Well World!

If you use Acuity Scheduling, you can now sync it with your Well World practice and instantly schedule patient appointments without leaving your portal!

Please note: you will need to email support@WellWorld.io to activate your Acuity Scheduling integration.

Well World is built to simplify the way you work. That’s why we continually add new features like the Acuity Scheduling integration to help you save time and reduce the headaches of working with multiple systems.

Streamline Your Workflow

Now you can easily book patient appointments within Well World without having to open Acuity Scheduling separately. You can also quickly see which appointments you have without leaving your Well World practice.

You can also choose to include your calendar scheduling link in your Well World patient welcome email.

This integration streamlines your workflow and helps you stay focused by letting you see everything in one place.

Include Specific Calendars

Using Acuity Scheduling, you can manage multiple calendars, patients, appointment types and classes for your practice.

If your wellness practice includes multiple practitioners, you can choose which specific calendars you want to sync with your Well World account.

How It Works

PLEASE NOTE: To use the Acuity Scheduling integration, you must have an active Acuity Scheduling account. You may sign up for a free trial here.

Sync your Well World practice to your Acuity Scheduling account by providing your Acuity Scheduling account email and password and authorized access.

Once you have successfully provided access, you will see a success screen and additional options that can be controlled from Well World.

You can choose which Acuity Scheduling Calendar you want to sync with Well World.

You can disconnect Acuity Scheduling at any time, or resync your account if needed (for example, if your account email or password has been changed).