June Well Words

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How to Launch Your Signature Program

How to Launch Your Signature Program As a health practitioner, one of the best ways to expand your reach without adding more hours is to launch a signature program. Your program can be a good way for new patients to dive deeper into what you offer. It can also be a way to support groups […]

Win-Win-Win: Tap Into Your Wellness Triple Bottom Line

Tap Into Your Wellness Triple Bottom Line When you think about your health care practice as a business, you might think about the financial aspects of it — your business income and expenses, fixed overhead, and net profit. For most businesses, that is what is called the bottom line. But there’s so much more measurable […]

Understanding Your Practice’s Personas

Understanding Your Practice’s Personas In your health care practice, there are many different types of people that come to you to overcome health concerns and maintain their wellbeing. When you think about marketing your practice, it’s useful to think about “the patient” as just one of that individual’s multiple personas — especially when trying to […]

March Well Words

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Paying Yourself in Your Private Health Practice

Paying Yourself in Your Private Health Practice As a health practitioner, you may not always think of yourself as a business owner first. But when you own your practice, you’re absolutely in charge of generating revenue in your business. One of the biggest benefits of having your own practice is that you can have nearly […]

February Well Words

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