How to Launch Your Signature Program

As a health practitioner, one of the best ways to expand your reach without adding more hours is to launch a signature program.

Your program can be a good way for new patients to dive deeper into what you offer. It can also be a way to support groups of patients before they are ready to become a patient in your practice.

What is a Signature Program?

Whether you focus on women’s health, thyroid support, brain health, digestive health, men’s health, or any other area, there are likely a couple of key issues that come up frequently with your patients.

You may have specific steps that you take patients through — such as functional lab testing, DNA analysis, nutrition protocols, detoxing, and supplementation.

And it’s likely that you see a lot of the same issues come up over and over again. A well-structured signature program addresses one of the key concerns of your area of specialization.

Don’t reinvent the wheel for your signature program.

Because nutrition and supplements can often support numerous areas of health, you could easily take one of the Well World nutrition plans and pair it with Designs for Health supplements to create your program.

Launch a Signature Group Program

Group programs enable you to support dozens of patients all at once. With a comprehensive nutrition plan — that includes recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and instructions for what to eat and what to avoid — patients can work through the group plan together without needing a lot of hand-holding.

Well World has dozens of done-for-you nutritional plans ready to launch as a group program. Each one has been carefully designed to give patients everything they need to succeed. All you need to do is assign them to patients.

You can choose from multiple eating styles — from paleo and keto to Mediterranean, vegetarian and clean eating to low-sugar, heart-healthy, and thyroid support. There’s something for every specialty that you might have as a practitioner.

Launch a Self-Guided Individual Program

Don’t want to manage a group program? You can offer patients a nutrition plan that they can guide themselves through.

Just like the group program, you can enable patients to purchase a self-guided plan. You can use the Well World Zapier integration to automatically add patients who sign up to your Well World practice.

Once they sign up and are added to your practice, Well World will automatically send them a link to download their app and start their program. Patients will receive support each day through their Well World app automated with reminder messages and prompts that you can program and customize for each day.

As patients track their food, movement, body conditions, and other metrics, patients learn new behaviors and likely see improvements in their health.

Get Started With The Practice Implementation Training

Not sure how to launch a signature program or maximize your practice?

Well World can help!

You can learn how to make Well World work better for you from our Practice Implementation Training program.

It is presented by Betty Murray, PhD, MS, CN, IFMCP, founder of the Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center as well as the CEO and founder of The Perfect Practice Blueprint.

The course is designed for clinical practitioners and your staff. It provides a practical guide for implementing Well World in your practice to streamline your workflow, improve your patient experience and results, and generate new growth and revenue opportunities.

And it is free to all Designs for Health practitioners. Click here to learn more and start the free course.