Tap Into Your Wellness Triple Bottom Line

When you think about your health care practice as a business, you might think about the financial aspects of it — your business income and expenses, fixed overhead, and net profit. For most businesses, that is what is called the bottom line.

But there’s so much more measurable benefit and value to your health care practice than just the accounting basics of it. And with the right tools, you can easily tap into the triple bottom line of your business — and use it to power your practice to the next level.

What is the Triple Bottom Line?

The triple bottom line is an accounting concept that considers the greater impact of a business, including social, environmental, and financial factors. Organizations that adopt the triple bottom line to evaluate their overall business performance and create greater business value consider:

  • People — the social equity bottom line. This considers if their business supports healthy labor and communities.

  • Planet — the environmental bottom line. This considered whether their business is sustainable for the environment.

  • Profit — the economic bottom line. This deals with the economic value created after deducting all inputs.

One of the other main principles of triple bottom line organizations is that they strive to create a “Win-Win-Win” for all their stakeholders — however they may define them.

What is the Well World Triple Bottom Line?

You can incorporate Well World into your existing health care practice to help you create a Win-Win-Win, Triple Bottom Line for your practice.

The Win for Patients: Better Health

Give your patients access to the Well World app, and you enable them to proactively engage in their own health, stay on top of their goals, and easily follow their personalized care plan.

When you assign a nutrition plan and supplement protocol to your patients through your Well World practitioner portal, your patients can use the app daily to follow your recommendations and track their progress. The app enables them to track nutrition, exercise, mindfulness minutes, body conditions, and of course, daily supplements taken.

The more your patient uses the app, the more likely they are to follow through with your recommendations. This means that over time they will have the guidance they need to cultivate healthier habits, leading to better overall health.

The Win for Practitioners: Better Patient Support With Less Effort

As a practitioner, you want to do everything that you can to support your patients’ wellbeing. But you only have so many hours in a day to see and serve patients, while also taking care of the rest of your business — including marketing, operations, and management, and all the admin of every business.

But when you integrate Well World into your practice business, you gain access to a state-of-the-art solution that can save hours of time for you and your staff, help you better organize and manage your patient workflow, and improve your patient experience and results.

When you utilize Well World with your patients, the mobile app can help “oversee” your patients in between appointments. The app sends automated reminders and daily messages to help patients stay on track with their plan. You can customize reminders through your Well World practitioner portal. When you assign a plan to a patient, the reminders will be sent as the patient goes through the plan.

You can also instantly see your patients’ progress — whether or not they are tracking — when you log into your Well World practitioner portal. If you see that a patient isn’t following through in certain areas, you can follow up with them in a quick HIPAA-compliant text message right through the app.

Seeing patients’ progress and being able to message them all in one place can save you time each day — so you can enjoy a higher quality of life while offering a high level of service to your patients.

Because Well World fosters patient engagement, it also fosters more engagement with your practice. A positive experience with your practice naturally leads to better patient retention, more active patients, and more frequent new patient referrals.

The Win for Your Practice: A Broader and More Connected Patient Network

When you offer Well World to patients, you can scale your practice and expand your reach and impact. Well World gives you an easier way to bring your practice online so that you can serve patients wherever they are. If you choose to have an all-virtual practice, you can serve your patients from wherever you are.

Because Well World is 100% HIPAA-compliant, you won’t have to worry about finding software that will comply with healthcare privacy standards. You get a secure, all-in-one patient engagement, communication, escripting, and virtual dispensary solution at your fingertips.

As you help more patients reach their health goals, you create a ripple effect of wellness.

Your patients will tell their friends and family what they’re doing to improve their wellbeing, and some will become inspired to make changes in their own lives. Some of your patients’ friends and family will come to you for health support. Others may shop via products in your Designs for Health virtual dispensary link. Either way, your support will end up helping more people reach their wellness goals.

Using Well World makes it easy to create a Triple Bottom Line health practice without spending thousands of dollars building your own website or app. It’s easy to launch your Well World practice — you can get up and running with just a few clicks. And you can evolve your business model to make it into a win-win-win for yourself, your patients, and your practice income.