June Well Words

Some of the interesting articles we have been reading around the web.

Be happy and live longer?

(High Optimism Linked With a Longer Life and Living Past 90 in Women Across Racial, Ethnic GroupsScience Daily)

Pilots lost an average of 12 pounds and 3.6% body fat over 16 weeks

(The Effectiveness of a Combined Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Sleep Hygiene Lifestyle Intervention on Health and Fitness of Overweight Airline Pilots — Nutrients)

How to live happier

(Tools For Self Care and Emotional WellbeingACE Fitness)

Night owls, morning larks, and sleep hygiene

(Can a Night Owl Become an early Bird?NY Times)

Relief for work stressors

(How to Ease The 7 Most Common Triggers of Work-Related AnxietyWell+Good)