Virtual dispensary link

We’re making it even easier for you to increase your commissions with Designs for Health supplements!

As a Designs for Health Practitioner, you now have your own unique virtual dispensary link fully integrated into Well World. You can use this link to share with patients and encourage them to shop for any supplements, detox kits, and other great products from the Designs for Health catalog.

How The New Virtual Dispensary Benefits Your Practice

The new virtual dispensary link enables you to direct your patients to a more convenient online shopping destination where they can easily find and purchase additional Designs for Health products at any time.

All supplement purchases via the practitioner’s unique virtual dispensary link are automatically tracked under the practitioner’s Designs for Health account.

Plus, check out the new Well World shareable links for supplement bundles to enable practitioners to easily share their favorite supplement protocols – and even easier for patients to purchase.

Another great new improvement is that patients can now see prices via their Well World app or their practitioner’s unique dispensary link without creating an account or logging in.

How The Well World Virtual Dispensary Benefits Your Patients

Your patients can now easily browse and shop for Designs for Health products through your Well World store. Using the link, patients can see product prices without logging in or creating a DFH account.

This gives your patients a way to find and purchase their favorite DFH products or try new ones without the extra steps or hassles.

At checkout, existing patients simply need to hit “continue shopping” in the cart  to purchase other DFH items in addition to your escripted recommendations.

How it Works


Ensure your patients are purchasing the right, high-quality supplements from Designs for Health and generate more revenue for your practice through patient shopping.

1. Your own virtual dispensary URL.

If you are a Designs for Health practitioner, you now have your own unique virtual dispensary link. To access it visit: (or in Canada), log in as a practitioner, go to My Account, and select Virtual Dispensary from the menu on the left.

Copy your unique virtual dispensary link, share it with patients, even post it on your website.
Anyone with the link can shop your dispensary – no account required – and all sales are credited to your practice.

2. Create product bundles in Well World that patients can buy!

Now you can create product bundles in Well World and share them with all of your patients quickly and easily. Under the Supplements tab, you can create a new supplement protocol for your bundle, and a unique purchase link will be automatically generated. Copy the link, share it with patients, or add it to your next newsletter. This link will pre-populate your patient’s virtual dispensary shopping cart with the bundled products. All sales are credited to your practice.

Note for Well World Practitioners: Only Well World escripted patient purchases appear under Sales Tracking Well World. All virtual dispensary sales are visible via your Designs for Health account.

Harness the power of shopping for your practice today with Well World and your own virtual dispensary.

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