How to Add Virtual Care to a Physical Practice

For practitioners whose health specialty is physical in nature — for example, sports and exercise trainers, physical therapists, or chiropractors — it can seem difficult to imagine working any other way with patients than in person in a clinic or office.

And yet, millions of health practitioners have shifted their way of working over the last two years to include virtual offerings when they couldn’t see patients face to face.

So how could it work for your physical therapist or chiropractic practice?

Taking Lessons from Trainers Using Video for Virtual Classes

Many physical trainers followed the path of online and home workouts by using video technology to hold virtual classes.

Using video technology, trainers could evaluate the form and movement of their class participants and one-on-one training clients to correct and coach them to move efficiently and effectively. Trainers also recorded their classes so that clients who couldn’t attend the live classes could work out to the replay.

Movement practitioners such as physical therapists and chiropractors could use the same technology to evaluate patients’ movement and watch them go through exercises.

You can also use pre-recorded video to demonstrate exercises that you prescribe to patients. Your videos can be uploaded into Well World and offered to your patient along with a prescribed plan within the Well World app.

Well World also has a video chat function that you can use to meet with patients virtually. Because Well World is a HIPAA compliant app, all of its features — including the video — follow HIPAA protocol for protecting your patients’ health data.

Offer Virtual Supportive Care that Complements Your Practice

Just about every patient can benefit from supportive care and become an active participant in their own health and wellness. Eating well, exercising, building a meditative practice, and working on improving sleep hygiene can enhance the wellness plans that you provide to your patients.

So even if nutrition, fitness, or supplements aren’t a core part of your current wellness offerings, you can use Well World to add them as part of your overall care plan.

Well World is loaded with dozens of complete nutrition plans that include recipes, menus, shopping lists, and complete instructions for going through the plan — all done-for-you by the Well World nutrition staff.

Well World is also loaded with done-for-you supplement protocols from Designs for Health™ that are ready for you to recommend to your patients.

You can assign a patient a nutrition plan with supplements in just a few minutes. Once they are assigned, your patient can download the Well World app and purchase the supplements right from Well World. Designs for Health will ship supplements directly to your patient so you don’t have to carry inventory or ship them.

Dr. Doug Added Virtual Care to His Chiropractic Office

Dr. Doug Howell had a thriving in-person chiropractic and wellness practice, where he offered an in-office weight loss program. When he decided to add virtual weight loss plans to his offerings, he was able to keep his practice going strong even during shutdowns.

Dr. Doug started by adding virtual group cleanse programs and wellness programs. Using Well World, he was able to monitor more patients through his practitioner portal. And because he was not seeing patients one-on-one in his office, he could expand the number of patients he saw virtually in his groups.

One of the things he liked the best about adding Well World to his practice was the automated coaching and support that comes built into the app.

Alina Fish Transitions Her Physical Therapy Practice

Alina Fish had a well-established physical therapy practice specializing in orthopedics, manual therapy, and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

She was looking for a way to start transitioning her practice when she found Functional Medicine. Through her studies and her personal experience working with a Functional practitioner, she realized that she could add functional testing and supplements to her existing practice.

Now she also offers nutrition plans from Well World along with supplement protocols from Designs for Health. She can monitor her patients through the Well World practitioner portal and see how her patients are progressing as they track their health metrics in the Well World app.

Add Well World to Support Your Practice Today

No matter how physical your practice is, you can still use Well World to support your patients.

Well World can give you real-time data directly from your patients in-between visits so you can more easily adjust their care plans. Well World is also easy, intuitive, and fun for patients to use to track their progress.

Well World also gives you a way to offer prescriptive advice for nutrition, wellness, and supplements without adding extra work to your already overloaded schedule. The app automates follow up and support and acts as a coach in your patient’s pocket.

Your patients are more likely to stick to their plan, and you can get better health outcomes when you include Well World in your practice.