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Power Your Practice and Support Patients With Supplements

More patients than ever are interested in improving their quality of life and reaching better levels of health. With more awareness on preventative health, patients are seeking solutions that can help them thrive.  

No matter if your patients have chronic conditions or are interested in prevention, they can all benefit from supplementation. 

Well World and Designs for Health give you a unique way to offer high-quality supplements directly to your patients through our app.

Save Time With On-Demand Solutions

Well World contains the Designs for Health catalog within the practitioner portal. You don’t have to shop around looking for solutions in various places or write prescriptions for patients. Just log into your practitioner portal and you can assign supplements or curated protocols to your patients. 

When you assign supplements, you can also customize individual patient instructions for taking each of them — how often to take, what time of day, and which dosage. 

Your patients can order and reorder their assigned supplements through the Well World app, and they will be delivered directly to their doorstep. 

No need for you to hold inventory in your clinic or home office, ship out supplements, or track orders. It’s all done for you.

Curated protocols from Designs for Health 

Instead of shopping for nutrients to relieve specific conditions, you can choose the curated bundles that Designs for Health has created for your patients. Each protocol has been carefully researched to meet specific health goals.

For example, if you have a patient with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes that needs to control their blood sugar, you can assign them a blood sugar challenge plan and the Designs for Health diabetes type 2 supplement protocol — with Sensitol TM, Metabolic Synergy TM, and GlucoSupreme TM Herbal.

Well World is preloaded with curated protocols to support 19 different conditions, plus 5 different foundational health protocols for maintenance and preventative health.

The science difference from Designs for Health

Every product that Designs for Health makes is rooted in science, and is produced with the highest quality and in therapeutic doses. 

You can be sure that any of the supplements, nutritional detoxes, and herbal protocols are made with premium ingredients that can help support chronic conditions and promote higher quality of life.

How to assign supplements in Well World

Within your practitioner portal, click on your patient’s name. Then click on the “add plan” button. 

From the pop-up window, you can select a diet plan, group plan or supplements only program with a food diary. 

Then you can select the Designs for Health supplement template that you want your patients to take along with their plan. 

If you want to assign individual Designs for Health supplements, you can click the “add supplements” button. A pop-up window will let you search for specific supplement formulas to add to your patient’s plan. 

You can add instructions for how to take each formula, including time of day, start and end dates, and notes to your patient.  

Your patients will receive an email about their new plan, and they can then order their Designs for Health supplements.

When you change a patient’s supplement recommendations, Well World will automatically send an email to your patient notifying them of updates in their protocol.