Adding Nutrition to an Existing Wellness Practice

It’s no secret that good nutrition can support your patients’ wellness goals. Your patient’s eating habits fuel their daily activities and support healthy functioning of their organs and body systems. The right eating plan can help address and prevent many chronic conditions.

You can stand out from other practitioners by including nutrition and lifestyle support as part of your specialty.

Yet at first, it might seem complicated to add nutrition to an existing wellness practice for several reasons.

No Time for Nutritional Counseling

Giving your patients a nutrition plan is one thing. Offering nutrition and lifestyle guidance can take up hours that you don’t have available in your overbooked schedule.

Limited Expertise in Nutrition

You may not feel like you have the right training to offer nutrition advice. The majority of medical schools fail to provide the minimal 25 hours of recommended nutrition in clinical practice trainingAnd let’s face it, if your medical training only included a few hours in human nutrition, then you may feel that adding it as a service is too far out of the scope of your expertise.

No Support Staff for Follow Up

Even if you start offering nutrition and lifestyle plans, who will support your patients when they have questions or need help troubleshooting their plan? You may not have a nutritionist, health coach, or other other staff members who can support patients with lifestyle changes.

What do you think? Would patients go to their specialist practitioner – like a chiropractor or physical therapist – for nutritional advice?

Patients Want Additional Support

It turns out that many patients will. In a survey by the National Institute of Health, 80% of chiropractors said that they offered some form of nutritional counseling to their patients. Patients are asking more of their medical professionals than just care in their area of specialty.

A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that health practitioners “can positively affect patient care by synchronizing and reinforcing the importance of nutrition across all specialty areas.”

Position Your Practice as Comprehensive Care

Instead of being one of many gynecologists or physical therapists or functional medicine practitioners in your area, you can become the specialist who offers 360-degree care.

Patients will appreciate that they can meet with you for support in their health concerns and you can offer them a holistic plan of action.

Well World can do a lot of the “heavy lifting” of nutrition and lifestyle coaching for you.

Patients Get an “Automated Coach” in Their Pocket

Well World is set up to deliver reminders and encouraging messages to help your patients stay on track with their plan. Automated reminders will pop up on your patient’s phone each day they are in an assigned plan.

You can encourage your patients to use their app daily to log their meals and activities. The app will act as an “automated coach” in their pocket.

Patients who use the Well World app stay engaged with their care plan. They become more invested in their health and take a more active role in their own care.

Save Time and Support Multiple Patients in One Place

Well World enables you to see real-time data about all of your patients, all in one place – your practitioner portal.

You can see which patients are tracking their nutrition and lifestyle habits at a glance on your practitioner portal homepage. You will know if they are in compliance with your recommendations with Well World’s “stoplight” system.

If you have patients that need a nudge to get back on track, you can send a text message or set up a video call right through Well World.

Get Better Results and Recurring Revenue

You can give your patients the Well World app for free and still earn recurring revenue.

When you put together your patient’s care plan, you can assign one of the done-for-you nutrition plans and recommend Designs for Health supplements supplements — all within Well World.

Your patients can then purchase supplements through their Well World app and they will ship directly to their home. You will earn a healthy commission on every purchase that your patients make through Well World.

How Well World Works in Real Practices

Many Designs for Health practitioners across a wide range of specialties have found success by including Well World in their existing practices. Here are just a couple of our many practitioner success stories:

Alina Fish Carves a New Path

Alina Fish, LPT, is the co-founder of Action Physical Therapy. With over 20 years of expertise in her field, Alina was looking for a way to transition into a new role.

With new interest and professional certifications in Functional Medicine, Alina has started to offer nutrition and lifestyle programs along with Designs for Health supplements, to some of her existing physical therapy clients. She appreciates how Well World has created a bridge between her existing practice and new skills.

Dr. Kat Lewis Grows Her Practice Online

Dr. Kat Lewis, PhD, is a scientist, functional medicine provider, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She had two in-person practices, where she used cutting-edge functional lab testing and in-depth personal assessments to discover the root cause of her patients’ symptoms.

Dr. Kat used Well World to offer a successful online detox program, supporting 50 patients in her first launch. Well World is helping her support more patients at once, and gives her the flexibility to see patients virtually.

Let Well World Provide Lifestyle Guidance & Support For Your Patients

Offering nutrition as part of your overall care plan can help your patients become more invested in their own care.

Giving patients a way to guide their wellness through preventative lifestyle changes empowers them to take control of their health. It helps them realize they have the ability to take actions that will improve their chances for success and better health.

Well World is a powerful practice tool to support your patients — and support your business with recurring revenue.