How Dr. Kat Lewis Grew Her Practice Online with Well World

Dr. Kat Lewis, PhD, is a scientist, functional medicine provider, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She has a PhD in biochemistry and has worked for 20 years in life sciences, at the cutting edge of research looking for biomarkers as a function of disease. She found her way to functional medicine after suffering with chronic conditions that were not solved with traditional medicine. Dr. Kat studied functional medicine with Dan Kalish at the Kalish Institute and with the Andrea Nakayama at the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Dr. Kat Lewis has two practice offices —- in Berkeley and Walnut Creek, California — though she primarily sees clients over video conference. In her practice, she uses cutting-edge functional lab testing and in-depth personal assessments to discover the root cause of her clients’ symptoms. Her mission is to educate the public on the importance of lifestyle habits to enable the body’s innate ability to heal and regenerate itself.

Expanding online marketing amid COVID

Before COVID, Dr. Kat worked mostly one-on-one with her clients. She would send clients their program materials in email, and she didn’t have any group programs.

Dr. Kat also found most of her clients through networking and word of mouth referrals. “I was marketing my practice locally, and participated in several networking groups,” she said. “I always had an online practice. But COVID forced me to look more at marketing online.”

Well World makes it easy to interact and stay in touch

Dr. Kat likes that she can give the Well World app to clients for free and still earn generous commissions through Designs for Health supplement sales. The app has helped her attract new clients and have past clients return to participate in her new group programs.

Well World gives her a way to stay in touch with potential clients. “I look at it as a great giveaway,” she said. “Clients get interested in the app, and I can send them automated emails to keep in touch about upcoming programs.”

Streamlining the client experience with the app

“I use the app with all of my clients,” she said. “As soon as I design their wellness plan, I assign them a plan and supplements in Well World. So many of them have told me that they love using it.”

Instead of emailing out plan documents, Dr. Kat can simply sign her clients up for the Well World app. “I like that the app has all the recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists. It’s easier for my clients to access all of their documents.”

Customizing content and messaging is easy

Dr. Kat has customized the plans in her app by adding in her own video content. In her videos, she talks about the immune system and detoxing, as well as yoga, breathwork, exercises and cooking. Clients can watch and use any or all of the videos that inspire them.

She also took the automated messages in the app and rewrote them in her own voice and style. These small changes can have a big impact on clients — making them feel like Dr. Kat is right there with them on their journey.

Supporting 50 clients in her first group detox

Dr. Kat worked with Well World’s digital marketing partner Brandy Kinnear to launch her first online detox program. With minimal marketing — including running one Instagram ad for 6 days — she enrolled 50 participants in her detox.

“Working with Brandy made it so easy to launch my group program,” she said. “They provide all of the marketing, landing page, and webinar so it’s all done for you.”

With the success of the detox program, Dr. Kat is now launching her second group program for immune support, which will help clients ahead of the cold and flu season.

For future program launches, she is planning on supporting clients with a stress and adrenal program or a weight loss program.

Creating continuity with her clients through the app

Once clients get into one of her programs, they receive a series of automated emails she created that help guide them through their experience.

At the end of the program, Dr. Kat has a video message that congratulates them and lets them know what’s next for them. “If they haven’t resolved their issues, there are other ways I can support them,” she said. “I can help them with functional lab testing, like the GI-MAP, or they can have a free 20-minute consult to find their next step.”

For Dr. Kat, Well World makes it easy to have the continuity with her clients and to give them the support they need.