How Dr. Doug is Transforming His Practice With Well World and the VegeCleanse 14-Day Detox Kit

Dr. Doug Howell has a thriving chiropractic and wellness practice in Frankfort, Kentucky. With his in-office weight loss program, for years he has been helping clients lose weight in order to help them reduce stress and strain on the spine. 

But because he was seeing patients in person, there was a limit on the number of patients that he could serve. 

When Dr. Doug discovered that Well World could help him expand his weight loss program without adding more hours to his schedule or inventory in his office, he jumped on board.

Dr. Doug Howell Dc
Here is his story: 

My practice had grown and hit a ceiling 

“Before I started using Well World, I had a comprehensive weight loss program in my practice. My patients would get detox programs and Designs for Health supplements directly from me in my office, and I would coach them to lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days. The 14-Day VegeCleanse Kit from Designs for Health has been a critical part of the success of the program and the results my patients have realized.

This jumpstart program was very effective, but it had limitations.

For some of my patients, it was more than just an out-of-pocket expense, it was a significant financial commitment to their health. It also required them to come in for appointments, which meant extra time out of their busy schedules.

For my practice, it meant that I had to carry a lot of inventory for my in-office supplement dispensary. I needed to have enough VegeCleanese Detox Kits and supplements on hand to serve all the patients interested in my weight loss program.

Coaching many patients also meant that I had long hours in the office. I couldn’t see more patients than I had hours in a day, and I was already at maximum capacity in my practice.

Well World helps me expand and serve more patients

 When I heard about Well Word and all of its capabilities, I was intrigued. It seemed to have everything that I could want in an online solution.
  • The Well World app that supports patients with customized food plans, supplements, and room for me to add in my proprietary coaching videos.
  • The virtual dispensary that allows patients to order and renew supplements and get them delivered to their doorstep
  • The practitioner portal that allows me to monitor my patients’ progress and provide support from anywhere

Instead of seeing patients in my office, I could provide support through Well World, and save time in a lot of other ways, including using the built-in chat to streamline communications. That means that I can serve more people in fewer hours, generate more revenue for my practice, and improve more lives.

My Well World sales page has simplified my marketing

The Well World team showed me how to create my own sales landing page for my weight loss program so that I could seamlessly enroll patients in my detox program and add them directly to my Well World practice. It’s amazing! Patients sign up and are automatically entered into my Well World practice, assigned the appropriate plan, group and supplements –

Patients can sign themselves up for the coaching program and order their 14-Day Designs for Health VegeCleanse Plus Kit, which gets shipped right to their doorstep. Now my patients have a modern, convenient way to order their supplements, and follow and track their progress – and I don’t have to carry as much inventory in my office or do any of the work!

Offering more on programs and groups in my practice has enabled me to greatly increase the number of patients I serve, and now with my own Well World portal and app, monitoring and supporting them just got a whole lot easier.  Well World app will help me continue to scale my coaching practice so that I can serve more people with less effort.

Well World has great automation for coaching & support 

My goal for my patients is to have them become the master of their own bodies. I’m the facilitator, but they are the masters of their own destiny. 

My patients love that I’m their guide but they are ultimately in control of their own health. 

Well World has helped me better organize and deliver a lot of what is at the core of what I teach in my practice. I can add my own support documents and proprietary videos into the Well World app, and customize automated messages that get sent to my patients. 

With the Well World practitioner portal, I can see how all of my patients are doing and monitor compliance – all in real-time. 

Patients are excited and spreading the word

Many of my patients are losing weight, reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure and triglycerides. They have more energy, less joint pain, and they’re feeling good. 

Once they finish the 14-Day VegeCleanse Detox, many of my patients ask me, “What’s next?” 

Now I have patients all across the country and even in the Caribbean as well as in my immediate home town. 

With the success of my online weight loss plan, I’m planning on rolling out other programs for heart health, anti-aging, and a “save your brain” program.