Success Stories

Alina Fish Carves a New Path With Well World

Alina Fish wanted to transition from physical therapy when she found Functional Medicine. Well World is helping her build a whole new practice.

Success Stories

How Dr. Brandy Zachary Reinvented her Functional Medicine Practice Online

Dr. Brandy Zachary knew that taking her health practice online was the next step to expanding her business.She needed a way to streamline the patient experience and keep them engaged in their plan. She had to create all-new systems that would allow her team to work efficiently from anywhere.

That’s where Well World became critical to her practice’s success.

Success Stories

Dr. Laurianne Scott Grows Her Women’s Practice with Well World

Dr. Laurianne Scott has a comprehensive women’s health practice and mobile medical spa in Lancaster, Ohio. Though she recently hired additional nurse practitioners as her practice grew, she was still struggling to manage her business while seeing patients.

With the Well World app and practitioner portal, she has found a new way to boost patient compliance, get better outcomes, and grow her mobile med spa.

Here is her story:

Success Stories

Dr. Doug Transforms His Practice With Well World

When Dr. Doug discovered that Well World could help him expand his weight loss program without adding more hours to his schedule or inventory in his office, he jumped on board.

Here is his story:

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