Tamar Cohen Reboots Her Practice to Serve Clients Virtually

Tamar Cohen is a certified Nutritional Consultant and owner of Tri Holistic Nutrition in Oakland, CA. She has been in private practice since 2008, and she helps clients how to restore and maintain lifelong health and vitality through whole-foods-based wellness programs. She creates custom nutrition programs — along with counseling on exercise and stress relief — for a complete, holistic approach to wellness.

At the beginning of 2020, Tamar was taking time off from her practice and referring clients to other practitioners. By the time she was ready to take on new clients in July, the practice landscape had changed.

Once the pandemic hit, clients had to shift their expectations of working with wellness professionals — everything from virtual care to online fitness classes. Tamar also had to change the way she thought about her practice, making the virtual feel more personal.

That’s when she discovered that Well World could be the game-changing telehealth tool to support her clients.

Well World Eased the Transition to a Virtual Practice

When she was ready to start seeing clients, she realized she would need to change her workflow and see clients virtually instead of in person.

“What I love about using Well World is that it gives my practice a professional look,” she says. “The online capabilities that Well World offers has made it a seamless transition.”

Within a few weeks of re-starting her practice, Tamar was up and running with new clients and programs — thanks to Well World.

Well World Creates 700% Increase in Supplement Sales

Before Tamar made the pivot to an online practice, she would have to constantly search for the correct supplement links to send to clients so that they could order their supplements. And when she sent her protocols through email, clients would only order their supplements about 20% of the time.

With Well World, she can easily choose a pre-set supplement template or find specific nutrients to prescribe while she is setting up her client with a nutrition protocol.

And because it’s all in one place, clients are ordering more frequently.

“Because it’s right there at their fingertips, along with their nutrition plan, my clients can order right away — and many do. It’s so easy.”

In fact, Tamar found that her supplement sales went up an astounding 700% within just a few months of using Well World.

Having Ready-Made Nutrition Plans is a Game Changer

Because all of her nutrition protocols were customized for each individual, it used to take Tamar many hours to construct plans with specific meals and recipes — sometimes not delivering a plan until weeks later.

“Having a meal plan that’s ready to go on day one has saved me at least 4-5 hours each time I work with a new client,” she says. “Now it’s easy for me to offer them a complete meal plan that’s beautiful and easy to use from day one.”

Now with just a few clicks, Tamar can show her new clients how to download the Well World app and dive into their new plan.

Clients Are More Compliant and Engaged with User-Friendly App

“When I work with new clients, I let them know that we will be working with the Well World app, which is like having a ‘nutrition coach in your pocket’ — and they will get step by step guidance toward achieving their health goals through it.”

While Tamar also uses traditional calorie-counting technology, she finds that clients love using Well World because it is an easy, user friendly way to track meals.

“My clients love sending me pictures of their meals. They take pride in showing me their healthy meals and they are very engaged in the process.”

Clients Stay Engaged in a Long-Term Journey to Health

Clients typically come to Tamar wanting to lose weight. But when she digs deeper, she discovers there are often underlying issues along with the initial concern —- such as stress, GI issues, inflammation, and more.

So she uses testing — such as the GI-MAP, IGG, and micronutrient test panels, and organic acids —- to get to the root cause.

She uses the tests to show them the science behind their symptoms, and she works with each client through different protocols to address their symptoms.

Tamar used to work with clients on a 4-month package. Now, her packages are a minimum of 6 months.

“I’m not looking for new clients all of the time because they are staying with me. My clients now have a higher commitment level and want to feel better for the long term.”

Launching New Evergreen Programs

In 2021, Tamar is looking forward to expanding her offerings to add a couple of evergreen programs that clients can do on their own. She is considering Well World’s 28-day detox or weight loss programs as potential offerings.

With evergreen, self-serve programs, Tamar can add a new recurring revenue stream without adding extra hours to her schedule. And with the support of Well World, it will be easy to launch and implement into her already thriving practice.