Dr. Amie Hornaman Supports Thyroid Health With Well World

Dr. Amie Hornaman is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and a leading functional medicine expert in thyroid health. Also known as The Thyroid Fixer, Dr. Amie founded the Institute for Thyroid and Hormone Optimization and created her own proprietary transformational program: The FIX Method. Her online practice can be found at DrAmieHornaman.com.

After her own experience of insufferable symptoms, misdiagnoses, and improper treatment, Dr. Amie set out to help others whom she knew were going through the same set of frustrations and were on the same medical roller coaster.

With a focus on optimizing thyroid and hormone function, Dr. Amie looks at her patients as unique individuals and not just at their lab values. She examines all the factors that tie into thyroid symptoms and dysfunction, while helping patients get their lives back.

“I look for the functional optimal range of lab values to help my patients feel their best,” she said. “That’s where my programs are different — they are tailored to the individual.”

Before 2020, Dr. Amie’s practice was 100% in-person visits in her brick-and-mortar office. “I always offered Designs for Health supplements to my patients, but I only dabbled with Well World.”


Dr. Amie’s Branded App Elevated Her Practice

When Dr. Amie Hornaman decided to launch her own branded app using the Well World platform, it changed the way that she worked with her clients and patients.

As she explained it, having her own branded app gives her online practice a professional polish that makes it stand out from the crowd. “Having the ability to brand Well World as my own app and customize it to fit my practice is tremendous,” she said. “The features within the app are amazing.”

Dr. Amie estimated that it would have cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop her own app — and it might not even have the same level of features and usability that Well World provides.

Dr. Amie Customized Well World’s Nutrition Plans for Her Practice

With branding her app, Dr. Amie was also able to customize specific nutrition plans within Well World to better fit with the style of her practice.

For example, Dr. Amie renamed the done-for-you Keto plan to include “low-carb, low-sugar, and gluten-free” and adjusted the macros to better suit her patients’ needs. She explained that many patients with thyroid issues also have insulin resistance and can benefit from this modified Keto diet.

For patients who don’t have insulin issues or who are more athletic, Dr. Amie assigns patients her modified Paleo plan — which she also customized to fit her practice.

Well World Keeps Patients Engaged

As she explained it, Well World makes it really easy to keep her patients engaged with their program, purchase their supplements, and reorder directly through the app.

“Well World makes it so simple,” she explained. “Instead of having them log in one place to get session notes, log into another to get the nutrition plan, and then make sure that they use a certain link to get the supplements — with Well World everything is all in one place.”

Patients know exactly where to go, and everything in their plan is at their fingertips. Patients like using the app, too. “They like seeing their choices, being able to use the recipes and track. It’s an extra layer of support and hand-holding,” she said.

Patients Reorder and Shop Through Their App

Dr. Amie has saved hours of time in managing patients’ supplement orders now that patients can reorder through her branded app.

“Patients will go onto their app to order supplements for their spouse or for their kids. So I don’t have to set up their shopping cart for them — they can do it themselves.”

Designs for Health dropships all supplement orders directly to the patient’s doorstep, so Dr. Amie doesn’t have to manage inventory or process orders.

And because her patients reorder and shop right through her branded app, Dr. Amie has seen her supplement sales’ revenue increase incrementally — without having to add extra hours to her already busy schedule.

Well World Streamlines Patient Communications

Before launching her own branded app, Dr. Amie allowed patients to communicate with her directly through a different HIPAA-compliant app. The biggest problem? She was on her phone for hours every day simply responding to patient messages.

“Before I was on my phone until 9pm at night just answering messages,” she noted. “Well World has literally saved me hours of time in responding to patients.”

With Well World, her patients can ask her their questions and concerns in one message and she can batch process all of the answers instead of constantly responding to individual incoming messages.

Dr. Amie Plans to Launch Her Own Supplement Line

Based on the success of moving her practice from in-person to online with Well World, Dr. Amie plans to private label her own line of supplements in 2022.

Now that her patients are getting great results with her customized nutrition plans and Designs for Health supplement protocols in her branded Well World app, the next step is branding her supplements as well.

As she sees it, custom branding everything gives her practice a professional polish that helps her business stand out. “It takes your business up a notch.”