Dr. Laurianne Scott Grows Her Women’s Practice with Well World

Dr. Laurianne Scott, DO

Dr. Laurianne Scott has a comprehensive women’s health practice and mobile medical spa in Lancaster, Ohio. Though she recently hired additional nurse practitioners as her practice grew, she was still struggling to manage her business while seeing patients.

With the Well World app and practitioner portal, she has found a new way to boost patient compliance, get better outcomes, and grow her mobile med spa.

Here is her story:

I take a holistic approach to women’s hormones and weight

My practice is focused primarily on gynecology. I have incorporated functional medicine, but I also take insurance. That’s part of what makes my practice unique.

This comprehensive approach to wellness has also helped my practice grow faster because I offer more options. Some patients want to take a more natural route to solving their symptoms, while others want a combination of conventional medicine and functional nutrition.

When I get their labs back and interpret the results for them, I can feel out what they want to do.

For example, if they have digestive issues, I might have them take a GI-MAP test and recommend a gut health bundle. Or if their labs indicate they have high estrogen, I’d offer DIM or Fem Guard Plus Balance.

Whether they want to go the prescription med route, or incorporate supplements and nutrition plans, I can easily customize their treatment.

It’s challenging to grow a practice and provide ongoing support.

As a practitioner that takes insurance, I don’t have the ability to spend a lot of time with patients outside of appointments. And as my practice has grown, I have less time to support patients.

I’ve been able to add more nurse practitioners to help support my patients, but that also means that we’re serving a greater number of women each day. If any of my nurse practitioners are out of the office, I can still feel like I’m a solo practitioner.

There’s a big difference between telling a patient that they need to follow a Mediterranean diet or a clean eating plan and then expecting them to know how to do it.

Where are they going to go for information if they don’t have it? Many of them turn to Dr. Google for answers.

I want to make sure that my patients have the right advice and sound medical information at their fingertips. I don’t have the ability to coach patients the same way that I can in the office.

Well World gave me the complete package for growing my practice

As soon as Well World launched, I jumped on board. I could see lots of potential for growing my practice and adding wellness and health coaching to my mobile med spa business.

I have many medical weight loss patients that I work with each day, and I’m expecting that will continue to grow.

I’m also planning on launching an endometriosis program with supplements and a diet plan, as well as a leaky gut and hormone balance program.

With the mobile med spa, we’re offering aesthetic skin treatments like botox, microneedling, facials. The plan is to add a simplified functional medicine offering with health coaching, plans and supplements.

The Well World app gives my patients the right info at the right time

What I like about the Well World app is that it has the plan with all of the instructions already incorporated into it. I have added a few of my own videos and articles to help enhance their experience.

I give the app to my patients for free because it helps them be more compliant with their plans.

I’ve set up my app to deliver the Clean Eating program and focus on weight loss. I can communicate with my patients through the practitioner portal and track their compliance. And it’s really easy to order supplements.

I can support more patients remotely and get supported by Well World

My patients are really happy with the app. It’s awesome because the app offers patients what they need on a daily basis. And it allows me to have a consistent touch with patients without taking up too much time.

The support that I get from Designs for Health™ and Well World™ is incredible. It has taken the practice for the next level – there’s no other company out there like Designs for Health™.