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Should You Niche Your Wellness Practice?

When you became a credentialed healthcare professional, your degree made you a specialist in your field of practice. So do you really need to add a specific niche to your healthcare practice?

For Your Practice

Are Your Patient Communications HIPAA Compliant?

It is critical that virtual wellness services use HIPAA compliant communications in the US and PIPEDA requirements in Canada to ensure that your patient’s information is protected, no matter where you are treating them.

For Your Practice

How to Add Virtual Care to a Physical Practice

Millions of health practitioners shifted their work to include virtual offerings when they couldn’t see patients face to face. How does it work for a physical therapist or chiropractic practice?

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Become Part of The Corporate Wellness Wave

With more companies offering corporate wellness perks to attract and retain employees, now is a great time to add corporate wellness programs to your offerings.

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Find Your Perfect Practice Model

Does your practice include in-person visits, virtual consults or both? There’s no better time than now to revise your practice model.

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How to Start Billing for Health Coaching

New CPT codes for Health Coaching may turn it into a billable service. Here’s what you need to know as a practitioner to bill for health coaching.

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