Should You Niche Your Wellness Practice?

When you became a credentialed healthcare professional, your degree made you a specialist in your field of practice. After years of study, you joined a practice or hung out your shingle to build your own practice.

So do you really need to add a specific niche to your healthcare practice? Here are a few reasons why you might want to narrow your specialty.

Patients Seek Niche Specialists for Specific Health Issues

When patients have a specific health concern, they want someone who has expertise in that area of disease to address it. If they think you can get them out of pain faster because of your specialized knowledge, patients are more likely to seek you out as their practitioner.

That’s why there are functional medicine doctors who specialize in thyroid health, chiropractors who are experts in solving chronic migraines, and naturopathic doctors who specialize in diabetes treatments.

Niches Help Your Practice Stand Out

If you’re in a densely-populated area, you may have dozens — or even hundreds — of practitioners who are in the same healthcare specialty. Why should prospective patients choose to go to your practice over the next chiropractor, naturopath, or functional nutritionist down the block?

But if you offer specific services in your chosen niche, your practice will stand out from a sea of sameness. New patients are likely to choose you when they see that you specialize in the health problem that they’re trying to solve.

Niches Can Help Patients Get Better Results

You can offer a wide variety of services, packages, group events, and tests. But if you look at everything you offer, there are likely a few options that get better results than others for patients.

Consider narrowing down your services to the ones that really help patients the most and make it your specialty. Your narrower niche can attract more ideal patients that are specifically looking for your offering.

Niches Can Help You Grow Your Practice

It may seem counterintuitive, but narrowing your focus can help you earn more for your practice. A narrow niche may attract fewer patients, but you can also charge a premium for offering a specialty service.

As a specialist, you can also set specific parameters for your practice that increase your growth potential— for example, offering concierge medicine and other high-value services, limiting hours, or changing to a cash-payment practice.

Finding The Perfect Niche for Your Practice

When you’re considering narrowing your practice with a specialty, it’s important to think about what types of patients you want to work with and what lights you up about being a health practitioner.

What is your big “WHY” for going into practice?

Did you have a massive health transformation that made you want to get into the wellness field? Or were you inspired by a family member to pursue wellness as a career? Your “big why” could serve as the niche for your practice.

What do your best patients have in common?

Your best patients are the ones that you love helping. They are likely the most compliant with their treatment plan. They listen to your advice, and they want to partner with you to solve their health concerns. And they likely have similar health issues that you are good at solving.

How to Use Well World to Niche Your Practice

No matter what niche you add to your practice, Well World can help you support patients automatically with its patient engagement app and practitioner portal.

Assign Well World’s Done-For-You Nutrition Plans

Well World has dozens of done-for-you nutrition plans in its comprehensive library of plans. There are plans that can promote wellness for heart, autoimmune, blood sugar balance, thyroid, and more. There are also plans that can help patients fine-tune their lifestyle.

Customize Your Tracking

You can “niche” the tracking settings in the Well World app, by customizing the metrics that are relevant to your expertise and program. Your patients can track those metrics in their app. You will see the exact metrics you want to see in your practitioner portal. And you will gain better insight into how each patient is doing in your program.

Assign Designs for Health Supplements and Boost Revenue

Well World is a powerful virtual dispensary and escripting tool for your practice. You can assign Designs for Health supplements to patients right within Well World, and patients can purchase them through their Well World app.

You can assign supplements along with a plan, or choose ‘Supplements Only’ within Well World and just provide easy patient supplement purchasing by email.

Once assigned supplements, patients can then easily track their supplement intake in their app. You will be able to see everything that they track within your practitioner portal. And you will also be able to track your supplement sales right in your Well World portal too.

And don’t forget, as a Designs for Health practitioner who uses Well World, you can earn healthy sales commissions to feed your bottom line — up to 50% for every patient purchase.

Grow your business intentionally

When you can narrow down your services to the ones that do the most for your patients and your practice, you can build a practice that is more profitable, stands out from the crowd, and is more sustainable for you to run.

As you become well known for your specialty, you become the obvious choice for your patients. Your practice will grow exponentially and you can feel great about helping more people who are seeking exactly what you are offering.