3 Ways to Streamline Your Practice and Save Time

When it comes to building a practice, one of the biggest challenges for health practitioners is having enough time to get everything done.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo practitioner or working with a team of practitioners and support staff. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day. In fact, Well World practitioners mention it over and over again as a key concern in our Getting to Know You Better survey.

So it just makes sense for practitioners to build in systems and add technology solutions that will help streamline the daily tasks and practice operations.

Here are three practical ways to get Well World to streamline and power your practice:

Streamline Patient Communications

Let’s say you normally see patients in your office or in telehealth appointments. Or perhaps you or your staff communicate with patients in between appointments on the phone, in email, or through a patient portal.

Instead of spreading your attention across multiple technologies, you can give patients the Well World app and consolidate your recommendations and communications to make everyone’s life easier – for you and your staff, and of course, for patients.

The Well World app enables patients to follow and track recommendations. You can see everything your patients track right in your practitioner portal.

And when you need to communicate with your patient between appointments, Well World has HIPAA-compliant text chat and video so you can keep all of your patient communications and their self-reported data in one place.

When patients have follow-up appointments, you will know how well they have followed their care plan by looking at their Well World profile.

Streamline Patient Setup

Setting up a patient with a new care plan and recommendations can take lots of administrative work. Even if you have staff working with you in your practice, adding patients into your systems can take up extra time that could be used elsewhere. Well World works with the popular automation software Zapier so that you can streamline the process of getting patients into your practice.
When you use Zapier and the Well World “Zap” your patients can register themselves into your individual or group programs using just about any type of form – whether on your website or even via email. The Well World Zap automatically adds your patient’s information to your Well World practice and sends them an automated welcome email! All you or your staff will need to do is log into your practitioner portal to see your patient’s activity.

Streamline Supplement Recommendations

You might carry Designs for Health supplements in your brick-and-mortar practice. But what if you could carry fewer items, or you didn’t have to carry any in-practice inventory?

Now you can do what works best for your practice – with Well World and your own integrated virtual dispensary.

You can add your supplement recommendations to the Well World nutrition plans. Every time you assign the plan, patients will also be able to purchase supplements you recommend right within their plan.

Your patients can purchase Designs for Health supplements that you recommend right within their Well World app. When patients run out of their supplements, they can reorder right through their app. They can even choose regular autoship options. All orders will be drop-shipped directly to your patient’s address.

And of course, your practice earns a generous Designs for Health commission on every purchase made through your virtual dispensary. So your practice can earn recurring, incremental revenue without adding extra hours to your day, or extra staff to manage inventory and shipments.

Let Well World Help Streamline Your Practice

As a Designs for Health practitioner, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips to streamline your practice.

Well World is your integrated Designs for Health practice-building ecosystem that you can use to sustainably grow your practice. It can help you communicate efficiently with your patients. It enables you to streamline administrative tasks. And it can help you grow your incremental revenue by increasing supplement sales.

Best of all, you can use Well World any way you want to build your practice business. It works with your in-person or virtual practice, or with a hybrid practice.