How to Maximize Your Practice in Well World

Recently, we asked all of our Well World practitioners how their practice was evolving and changing since they started using Well World and where they needed more support.

We have had a number of exciting successes that we’ve reported from the Well World — including:

And from our most recent Practitioner Checkup survey, we also discovered that some practitioners were getting stuck in specific ways:

  • Over 50% of practitioners reported that they didn’t understand how to use Well World in their current practice flow
  • 30% said that they didn’t know how to use Well World to attract new patients or engage existing patients
  • And 22% responded that they didn’t know how to use Well World in practice to create new offerings

Thank you for sharing your challenges, and we heard you—so we put together a brand-new resource to help you get the most out of Well World.

Now you can learn directly from one of the Well World practitioners who is also an expert in maximizing the value that Well World offers.

Introducing The Well World Practice Implementation Program

This training is presented by Betty Murray, PhD, MS, CN, IFMCP, founder of the Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center as well as the CEO and founder of The Perfect Practice Blueprint.

The Well World Practice Implementation Training are three modules that go in-depth on the opportunities and tactical strategies to get the most out your practice.

The course is designed for clinical practitioners and your staff, and provides a practical guide for implementing Well World in your practice to streamline your workflow, improve your patient experience and results, and generate new growth and revenue opportunities.

Reasons You Should Be Using Well World

Module One Helps You Engage

See the true benefits of using Well World in your existing practice. If you have ever been unsure about why you need Well World, this will help clarify any questions you have. When you go through it, you will discover:

  • How your practice can take advantage of the health app explosion
  • Why the recent e-commerce boom means more revenue
  • How this massive tech shift can help your practice grow
  • Why Well World massively increase patient engagement and revenue
  • How Well World can give you an instant, unfair advantage over your competition

Once you understand how it works and why it can help your practice, you can then dive right into the nuts and bolts of making it work for you and your staff.

Module Two Dives into Implementation

In this module, you will develop a strategy for using Well World in your practice, and a tactical plan for incorporating Well World into your everyday clinical workflow.

It includes practical advice on how to prepare, organize and train staff, and even how to launch your first patient group!

This is where the rubber meets the road, and where you will learn:

  • How to identify and evolve your current practice model
  • Setting your new practice goals and putting together a strategic plan to meet them
  • Your patient’s journey and how to fit Well World into it for better outcomes
  • How to be prescriptive when recommending supplements to better support patients
  • Step-by-step guides for setting up Well World to work with your specific practice model

Follow the steps to easily implement Well World in your practice and prepare for massive growth!

Module Three Supports Practice Building

In this module, you will discover how you can leverage Well World to build new programs, services, and offerings. You will also learn how to use it to attract new patients to your practice, re-engage dormant patients, and grow revenue.

You will also discover how to:

  • Customize Well World to integrate with your practice style and voice
  • Use Well World as a marketing tool to attract new patients
  • Engage current patients or reactivate dormant patients who need more support
  • Add new programs and services for recurring revenue
  • Automating programs so you can serve more patients in less time

After going through this training, you will know exactly how to strategically integrate Well World to enhance your practice.

Get Started Today

The Well World Practice Implementation training program is available now for Well World practitioners only.

Log into your practitioner portal, click the “Help” link in the upper right corner, and select the “Practice Building” link to access the training.