Become Part of The Corporate Wellness Wave

After more than a year of working from home, millions of employees found that the flexibility to work from anywhere was not something that they would willingly give up again. Many employees have chosen to leave positions that required onsite work for new positions that offered workplace flexibility.

In order to stay competitive, in addition to enabling remote-working flexibility, more companies are now offering or planning to offer additional perks to support employees’ well-being.

In a survey of HR professionals, 65% said they would offer more work flexibility and expand benefits to support their employees’ physical and mental well-being. Among those surveyed:

  • 51% plan to expand health and fitness discounts
  • 41% would increase senior-care offerings
  • 63% plan to increase child-care benefits

As a practitioner, if you want to break into corporate wellness, this is the perfect time to get started.

Network to Meet HR Professionals

The easiest way to get in the door at almost any company is to get to know one or more of the human resource professionals that work there.

You can start by researching the companies where you want to offer wellness programs. Once you have your list, you can use cold outreach through social media and email to meet people in the human resources department where you can make your pitch for your program. You can also meet HR professionals at in-person and online business networking events, in conventions, and at HR professional organizations.

If you prefer the warm introduction approach, you can ask your own personal network who they know that can connect you with people who work at the companies on your list. Once you get your warm introduction, you can ask your contact if they can connect you with someone in human resources.

Once you’re in the door, you can make your pitch.

Offer a Virtual Lunch and Learn Program

If you have a wellness seminar that you offer to patients, you can bring it to companies through a virtual lunch and learn webinar. You can use your lunch and learn webinar to bring in more patients to your practice.

Your HR contact can promote your seminar or webinar and have employees sign up ahead of the event. When you present your program, you can offer the employees ways to work with you in individual consultations or group programs if you offer them.

Provide an In-Person Wellness Fair

If you can meet employees at their office, you can offer a wellness fair to educate them on wellness and provide sample treatments.

Health fairs work best if you have a number of complementary practitioners that can present with you on their specialty. For example, if you’re a chiropractor, you could invite a fitness professional, health coach or nutritionist, and an acupuncturist to present at your health fair.

Health fairs work well because employees can take advantage of health screenings and learn about health products and services that you offer. You can also offer important information on how employees can correct and prevent common health problems.

Taking the chiropractor example again, you can educate people on the danger of “tech neck” and how to overcome changes in their spinal alignment due to overuse of technology.

Offer Well WorldⓇ to Attract New Patients

You could end up with a flood of new patients if you offer Well World as a bonus for attending your webinar or your wellness fair.

Here’s how it can work:

Create a 14-Day or 28-Day Challenge and choose one of the nutrition plans from the Well World library for your challenge. Then add in Designs for Health supplements that new patients can purchase to support their challenge. Have all of your challengers purchase the supplements as part of their plan — they get the Well World app and automated daily support for free with their purchase.

Once the challenge is complete, you can reach out to each of the participants in your challenge and see if they want to go further with their health goals. You can then offer them any of your programs — from individual programs to supplement regimens and ongoing wellness care to group programs.

Corporate wellness is bound to keep growing with the new awareness of the importance of physical and mental well-being at work. As a Well World practitioner, you have a powerful tool on your side to be part of the wellness wave in corporations.