As a Designs for Health practitioner, you already recommend supplements and have your patients purchase them through the eStore or through

So why would you want to set up your own Well World practice?

Prescriptive Care and Protocols

In the old way of offering supplements, you saw your patients in person and maybe wrote down their recommendations on a paper prescription pad with your Designs for Health practitioner account info on it.

Your patients could then go shopping for their supplements through the Designs for Health website or through your eStore.

Hopefully, your patients would follow through with your recommendations, and just maybe you would see their results when they returned on a follow-up visit. In today’s world of email and mobile technology and next-day shipping – luckily practitioners have much better tools right at their fingertips to improve their practice.

A Better Way of Doing Things

With Well World, you have a whole new way of offering supplements and a comprehensive care plan with accountability.

Invite patients into your virtual Well World practice and prescribe supplements quickly and easily, and even add a complete nutrition & lifestyle plan to go along with it. You can either use the done-for-you nutrition plans and recommend pre-set supplement templates within Well World, or you can customize each plan and recommend specific protocols to your patients.

The comprehensive, prescriptive care that you offer through Well World gives your patients a complete plan to follow — along with a convenient app that they can use to place their supplement orders, and can track their progress.

In your Well World practitioner portal, you have the ability to see what your patients track and whether they are following their plan.

You can also see your Designs for Health supplement sales right within your Well World dashboard with our Sales tracking feature.

Automated Support

When you bring patients into your Well World practice, you are offering them a powerful, automated support system.

The Well World app sends patients SMS text messages when they have a new or updated supplement recommendation or nutrition & lifestyle plan waiting for them.

The Well World app also acts like an automated coach in their pocket, reminding them to track their progress and sending them uplifting messages each day they are on a nutrition plan. Each nutrition plan comes with automated reminders that will be sent daily as long as your patient is assigned a plan — nothing else for you to do once you set your patient up.

Patients under your care using Well World are more likely to follow their recommended health plan, which means that they will have a better chance at achieving results. Automated reminders will also boost your supplement sales —- so you will see more revenue for your practice.

Reclaim Your Time and Provide More Value

Well World comes pre-loaded with done-for-you Designs for Health supplement protocols that are ready to recommend to patients. There are also dozens of nutrition & lifestyle plans that you can quickly assign to patients — everything from Mediterranean to Paleo to Vegetarian.

It takes just a few clicks through your practitioner portal to set up your patient with their nutrition plan and supplement protocol — saving you hours and headaches of customizing recommendations..

Your patients automatically get more value from working with you through Well World because they have their entire care plan at their fingertips. The Well World app will offer them daily, automated tips and reminders to track their food, movement, meditation and body metrics, which will help them stay focused on their plan.

If patients know that you are monitoring their progress through the Well World practitioner portal, they will be more likely to track more often and stay compliant with their plan.

Because the Well World practitioner portal lets you see everything that your patients are tracking at a glance, you can instantly know if multiple patients are in compliance. And if you find that some patients have gotten off track, you or your staff can easily message them through Well World — saving time and effort in follow up.

Well World Practitioners Earn More Revenue

Even if you are already earning revenue through Designs for Health, your own DFH eStore or from in-practice supplement sales, Well World offers an additional way to earn more revenue with supplements.

Well World provides a brand-new revenue stream for your practice, and there are lots of ways that you can leverage Well World to offer new programs and services to your patients. In fact, Designs for Health practitioners using Well World typically realize 30% higher sales on average than practitioners who don’t use it.

Best of all, as a Designs for Health practitioner Well World is free to use and easy to set up. So why wouldn’t you want to use it?

Well World will let you get more done in less time (with fewer headaches), achieve better compliance and results for your patients, and generate more revenue – all to help your practice grow and thrive.