Acquire More Patients for Your Practice

How many patients do you want to add to your practice this year?

The best new patients come from referrals from other patients or practitioners. The second best way to bring new patients in is through marketing.

Prospective patients need to know that you exist and what you offer in order for them to find you and want to work with you. There are many ways you can boost your online profile and have new patients find you.

Ask Current Patients for Online Reviews

If you launched Well World with your first 5 VIP patient group, you should ask this group if they will write an online review of your services. Since these are your absolute best patients, you know they will likely write a glowing review for you.

Good reviews can help bring in new patients that refer themselves into your practice. New patients who don’t know you through a direct referral will likely search online to see what others have said about you.

When you have your online reviews, you can launch a new self-guided group challenge to get new patients into your practice.

Attract New Patients Through Challenges

Just like your first 5 VIP program, you can offer your challenge group a self-guided program through Well World.

Offer a 28-Day Mediterranean or 28-Day Paleo nutrition plan to your self-guided group challengers and assign them to a group within Well World. You can use social media and your email list to market your group to both prospective and past patients.

Participants in your challenge group can use the Well World app to guide themselves through the plan and order their own Designs for Health supplements that you recommend.

You can always see how your group members are doing by looking at what they’re tracking in your practitioner dashboard. And if you want to offer some personalized support, you can message every participant in your group through your practitioner portal.

Market Your Practice in Social Media

Promote your blog posts, articles, podcasts or video content through social channels where your ideal patients are looking for you. You can ask your fans to share your content, and you can also boost posts with paid advertising to reach more people.*

When you regularly share your practice’s content through social channels, you will get more followers and fans that engage with your brand. You do need to consistently share your content for this strategy to work.

Grow Your Practice Through Email

Email is a great way to keep in touch with both prospective and current patients.

You can educate prospective patients about your expertise, what you offer, and the benefits of choosing you as their practitioner. You can also keep current patients in the know about new offerings.

You can repurpose the content you create for social media into newsletters and email that you send to your patients and prospective patients.

You can build your email list by running ads on social media.* Offer a gift — a report, webinar, video or other valuable content — to get people to sign up for your list.

Of course, you always want to keep bringing new patients into your practice. However, you may be forgetting about an easier way to bring patients through your door — or into your virtual office.

How Many Patients Are You Retaining?

Keeping the patients you have is much less expensive and time-consuming than bringing new patients in. What are you doing to retain your current patients

You could keep more of your current patients engaged in your practice with stick strategies.

For past patients that you haven’t seen in a while, you could follow up periodically with:

  • Check-up messaging — Dentists send postcards or emails for 6-month check-up appointments. You could get in touch with a similar check-in appointment or follow up service.
  • New offerings — Do you have a new nutrition program or supplement regimen? Do you have new lab tests or assessments? Let your past patients know about them.
  • Seasonal programs — Let your patients know about your fall reset, spring jumpstart or holiday specials if you offer them.

Getting new patients into your practice can be easy if you are consistent with your outreach. Once you have a plan in place, you should have a steady flow of new and past patients coming to you for your services.

*Please be aware there are certain advertising guidelines and restrictions that every Design for Health customer must adhere to. For more information, please contact your Designs for Health Educator.