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Retain More Patients with Stick Strategies

The sudden rise of telehealth due to the pandemic is poised to forever change health care. With newfound convenience of being able to see patients from anywhere, many practitioners may continue their practices as virtual only — and don’t plan to reopen brick and mortar offices.

But with more choices than ever, you need to stand out from the crowd to have patients stick with you.

Make it Sticky

One of the best ways is to offer them a gift that will help them stay engaged with their plan and feel supported by your practice. In marketing, offering a free, valuable gift like this is called a “stick strategy” —- it makes your patients “stick” with your practice and feel more more invested in their own wellbeing.

Giving away the Well World app can be given away and used as your stick strategy to help engage new patients and retain current patients.

Here’s how it can work for your practice…

Educate new patients through Well World

In between running diagnostic tests and labs and providing a course of treatment, you can keep your patients engaged with educational content from your practice.

Use the Well World app as a way to help patients get oriented to your practice and what to expect in their course of treatment.

For example, if you have articles, patient education brochures, program handouts, or any printed materials, you can convert to PDF files and upload them to your patients’ plans in Well World. If you offer educational patient seminars, you can record your talking points as videos. Upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and link to them in your Well World app.

As your patients learn about their condition and how to treat it, they become more invested in their own wellbeing. When you give them the tools to make the supportive lifestyle changes that will enhance their treatment plan, they will become better partners in their own health journey.

Keep current patients engaged with a done-for-you nutrition plan

When you put together a care plan for your patients, you can also assign one of Well World’s done-for-you nutrition plans to support their wellness journey.

Well World provides an array of healthy diets —- from Mediterranean to low sugar to the DASH diet to paleo and keto plans.

You can customize any of the automated messages inside the plans with your own voice and messaging to make them sound more like you — and your patients will feel like you are working alongside them.

As your patients go through their plan, they can track their progress in the Well World app, and you will be able to see their progress. You can encourage them to keep going as they make progress, or give them a nudge if you see they are getting off track. Knowing that you are checking in on their progress will help them stay accountable to your protocol.

Re-engage past patients with a Clean Eating challenge

Some patients go through a course of treatment and solve their most pressing issues, and you might not hear from them for a while. You can check in with these past patients by offering them a free nutrition program.

Send them a quick note that you were thinking about them and wondering how they were doing. Then offer them the clean eating challenge as a free gift.

Your patients can use the Well World app to track their progress in the two-week program to eat healthier. You can see their progress right in your Well World practitioner portal and recommend a follow up program if they need more support.

Well World lets you stay connected with little extra effort

Well World is the all-in-one technology that provides the ultimate “stick strategy” for your practice.

It is an engagement tool that helps patients stay accountable to their care plan, and it’s all automated and done for you. It’s also a patient-monitoring tool — you can see how each of your patients are progressing in your practitioner portal. It is also your virtual dispensary tool for your Designs for Health supplements, which allows you to earn recurring income without adding extra hours.

The more you can get patients to use the Well World app, the easier it will be for you to help them feel like you are working alongside them on their plan. And your patients will more likely stick with you and your practice.