Well World Practice Building Bootcamp

You’re invited to join our very first Well World Practice-Building Bootcamp! Create and Launch a Profitable Group Program in 6 Weeks! The Well World Practice-Building Bootcamp is designed to help you quickly and easily launch your health & wellness group program and start generating revenue for your practice — all in just a few weeks! […]

Use The Power of One for Work-Life Balance

Use The Power of One for Work-Life Balance We live in a multitasking world. The age of information, combined with hustle culture, has made many solo business owners believe that the only way to get ahead is to do more. But instead of getting ahead, they’re burning out. Healthcare providers are especially at risk of […]

How to Launch Your Signature Program

How to Launch Your Signature Program As a health practitioner, one of the best ways to expand your reach without adding more hours is to launch a signature program. Your program can be a good way for new patients to dive deeper into what you offer. It can also be a way to support groups […]

Understanding Your Practice’s Personas

Understanding Your Practice’s Personas In your health care practice, there are many different types of people that come to you to overcome health concerns and maintain their wellbeing. When you think about marketing your practice, it’s useful to think about “the patient” as just one of that individual’s multiple personas — especially when trying to […]

Paying Yourself in Your Private Health Practice

Paying Yourself in Your Private Health Practice As a health practitioner, you may not always think of yourself as a business owner first. But when you own your practice, you’re absolutely in charge of generating revenue in your business. One of the biggest benefits of having your own practice is that you can have nearly […]

Grow Your Practice With Social Media Advertising

Organic social media marketing can only get you so far when it comes to attracting more prospective clients and patients. With paid social marketing, you can expand your reach and ensure that people interested in your services see what you are offering.

How to Use SEO to Grow a Practice With Free Traffic

seo to grow practice

How to Use SEO to Grow a Practice With Free Traffic Wouldn’t you love to get more free leads hitting your website day after day? Using SEO to grow your practice is a smart strategy if you want free, organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website to appear in […]

Do You Need Business Coaching?

You’re an expert in your wellness specialty, but you still need business skills to build a successful practice. Business coaching can help you get where you want you be.