Health Practice Rx: Diagnosing Your Business Pain Points

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Health Practice Rx: Diagnosing Your Business Pain Points

You went into practice to help more patients get and stay healthy. But you won’t be able to help more people and expand your reach unless you also have a healthy business.

As a practitioner, you seek to get to the root cause of your patient’s symptoms. You know that their pain points are not the problem — they’re the messengers that are pointing you to the underlying condition causing the symptom.

When it comes to building a thriving health practice, you also need to be able to diagnose the pain points in your business.

If your practice is stagnating, or isn’t growing as fast as you want, what is the root cause? Here are a few areas to consider when diagnosing your own practice.

Productivity pain points

What is getting in the way of you or your staff being able to work efficiently and effectively?

Are you still doing too many administrative or operational tasks in your practice? Maybe some of those could be delegated to staff members or outsourced to experts.

Perhaps you repeat the same instructions and answer the same questions over and over again, wasting valuable time. Instead, you could record videos or write down instructions that you can automatically give to patients when they start their care plans.

If you want a clear picture of how you use your time, start writing down everything you do in a day as it happens. While this exercise can feel tedious, it will inevitably open your eyes to any inefficiencies in the way you manage your time in your practice.

Financial pain points

Does your practice experience cash flow issues?

If your practice relies on you seeing patients in order to generate revenue, you have a financial ceiling. There are only so many hours in a day to see patients.

To break that ceiling and grow your practice, you need additional ways to generate incremental revenue that are not limited in the same way.

One way you can ‘replicate’ yourself is by offering new products or programs that are self-guided. Your patients can serve themselves and get results on their own. These can generate consistent recurring revenue for your practice.

You can also create your own line of supplements that patients can order from your own store. This generates recurring revenue that doesn’t involve your schedule or your time.

Process pain points

Where are the points of friction in your operations?

Maybe offering supplements through your clinic costs your staff too much time and energy to dispense. Your patients have to come back to your clinic to pick up their supplements to fully start their plan.

What if instead of offering your supplements in your brick and mortar clinic, you could open a virtual dispensary that is accessible from anywhere?

And instead of having your staff order supplements for patients, you could simply e-script protocols that patients order online and have delivered directly to their home?

You would have no need for your staff to manage inventory, and save yourself all the time and frustration that comes with it. And your practice can still benefit from the generous commission rewards.

Patient support pain points

Your patients leave your office with their care plan and their prescriptions. But how will they stay compliant and engaged with their treatment?

You can delegate follow-ups to members of your support staff — your assistant can take care of appointments and reminders, and even can check in with patients and their health goals. And if you work with a coach, you can charge additionally for their services and they can guide patients for you as well.

Even if you don’t have support staff, you can use Well World as an automated patient-centric extension of your practice that enables you to reach more patients.

What other pain points do you have in your practice?

Your practice and patients are unique, and so are the challenges and obstacles you face. What other pain points do you feel in your practice?

How Well World removes common practice pain points

The Well World app is a portable version of your practice in your patient’s pocket. The more they engage with the app, the more likely they are to reach their health and wellness goals.

Well World’s virtual dispensary and e-scripting features allow you to easily offer high-quality Designs for Health supplements directly to patients without having to order or carry inventory, or handle orders for patients.

There are dozens of done-for-you supplement protocols ready to prescribe inside of Well World with just a few clicks. You can also recommend specific Designs for Health supplements and customize protocols for each patient, depending on their unique needs.

Your practitioner portal gives you access to real-time patient metrics and data. When your patients regularly use the Well World app, you and your staff will gain a unique view into your patients’ progress with their plan – in real time. You cannot get this level of detail from patient wellness appointments when they are self-reporting progress based on memory.

You can also delegate patient check-ins through Well World to your staff to easily provide extra support with very little effort. Your staff can use the Well World practitioner portal to touch base with patients and help them stay accountable. And Well World’s HIPAA-compliant text messaging and video messaging capabilities enable a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your patients when you need to.

When you address the pain points in your practice, your practice becomes healthy, you are able to give your best, and your patients benefit by getting well. It’s win-win-win.

Getting started with Well World is easy when you’re a Designs for Health practitioner— you can log in today and set up your first MVPs!

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