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Track Compliance and Patient Engagement With Well World’s Clinical Metrics

In the not too distant past, patient clinical metrics were only available in paper files for each patient. And you relied on your patient’s memory to recall their own symptoms and progress.

Of course that has all changed in the new age of digital health care.

With wearable technology, smart health and fitness devices, and health tracking apps, patients are tracking more data than ever.

Well World lets you capture and view more of that patient data so you can see if patients are in compliance with their plans. And the Well World app becomes a mobile “patient-centric” extension of the care that you provide, offering patients accountability and automated support.

Better Insight into Patient Compliance

As soon as you log into your practitioner portal, you can see how many of your patients are in compliance with their plan as well as the percentage of patients tracking their metrics.

With Well World’s green-yellow-red stoplight system, You can also instantly see how well each patient is tracking for each of the metrics that you assigned to them.

If you see that your patient isn’t tracking with their plan, you can follow up with them with text messaging through the practitioner portal.  Or you can have one of your assistants or health coaches as a point of contact to help guide patients back to following their plan.

Patient-Reported Metrics Can Support Better Outcomes

What gets measured gets managed.

When your patients use fitness trackers and smart devices to measure their heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure, or weight, they become more aware of their progress in real, meaningful metrics.

And seeing the numbers increase, decrease or stay the same can help them become more engaged with their plans — and ultimately support better outcomes.

With Well World, you can have patients track their own metrics in between appointments and record them in their app. All you need to do is log into your portal to see what they’re measuring and if they’re in compliance.

What Can You See in Well World?

The default settings of your Well World portal are designed to help you monitor your patients’ sleep, elimination, waist size, weight, and meditation minutes.

But you can customize and activate settings so that your patients can track these metrics:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose level
  • Body fat index
  • Temperature
  • Pain index
  • Urine ketones
  • Urine pH
  • Intermittent fasting window
  • Quick track

How to Personalize Metrics

You can save a ton of time if you “set and forget” your preferred supplement for each plan by going into the plan and customizing the tracking section for the plan.

For example, you might want patients on a keto plan to track their ketones. So inside the Ketogenic 28 Day plan, you could check off the Urine ketones, which would make that metric a default setting when you assign that plan.

If you want to customize metrics for each patient, you can do so when you assign a plan to your patient. Inside the plan, you can check off any metrics you want them to track.

Change Tracking on the Fly

If you want to adjust the metrics that your patient is tracking, you can easily turn them on or off from your practitioner portal. You won’t need to assign a new plan to make changes, and your patient’s Well World app will update automatically.

Only View the Metrics You Want to See

You can have patients track many data points, but only look at what you want to see. Just toggle on/off metrics on your patient’s dashboard to customize your own view into your patient’s tracking.

Real Time Reports

When you’re ready to review your patient’s data, you can pull a real-time “to date” report of all program metrics for review and analysis by clicking the Report button in the portal.

Reports can provide measurements against goals and other data so that you can get better insights into your patient’s progress, challenges and compliance.