When it comes to launching your Well World practice, attention to details can make it shine.

The personal touches you add become the calling card for your brand. They set the tone for what patients can expect from your practice.

One of the simplest details that can make a big impact is a welcome video

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Patients

Sending your new patients a personalized welcome message makes them feel like a welcomed guest. It helps create a personal connection with your patient when they see your smiling face.

It will also help them understand the value of Well World. Your welcome video can orient them to the features in their Well World app and how you want your patients to track their metrics.

Your welcome video can serve as a gentle nudge to help new patients take responsibility for their well-being. Showing them how to download the app and start tracking will help your patients stay accountable and get better outcomes from your care plan.

How to Shoot Your Welcome Video

Don’t worry about hiring a video professional. You can create an authentic, warm introduction by recording it yourself using your smartphone or other video camera devices.

Before you record yourself welcoming your patients, write out quick talking points to introduce your patients to your Well World practice, including:

What Well World does: discuss how it helps them stay accountable to their care plan, and it gives them a way to track all of the things they are doing to support their health. The app will automatically nudge patients to use it for daily tracking.

What you can do with it: explain all the app features, including the ability to keep a diet diary, program windows of intermittent fasting, and track body compositions, meditation minutes, sleep, water intake and supplement regimes.

How you will use the app to support their care: explain how you or your team check in on their progress through your practitioner portal. Tell patients how your team will get in touch with them through the app — whether by text or video chat. Note how often patients can expect to hear from you.

Hosting and Distributing Your Video

Once you have recorded a welcome video that you are happy with, you can upload your video to YouTube or another video hosting platform such as Vimeo or Wisita.

You can add the video link to the welcome email message that goes out from Well World to your patients. That way, each patient added to your Well World practice will automatically get your welcome video included in their onboarding.

If you want to add it into your Well World practice, you can also include it within the plan that you assign to patients. Each plan has a video section where you can add links from YouTube or Vimeo right into the app.

Building a Business Asset with Well World

Well World is not just an app. It is a business building asset that can keep paying you dividends.

Well World is a powerful tool that supports the success of your patients. The more you encourage patients to use the Well World app, the more you help them take responsibility in — and become more engaged with — their own care.

Well World makes your job easier. When your patients track regularly, you will have a clearer picture of their progress. You will have more insights to adjust patient plans as needed, based on real time data instead of anecdotal feedback.

With high-quality supplements integrated into Well World, you can recommend solutions to support patients while you earn recurring revenue. As a Designs for Health practitioner, you will earn commissions on every sale you make through your Well World store.

When patients have a great experience with your Well World practice, they will likely refer their friends and family members to you. These word-of-mouth referrals are golden for your practice that can help it grow exponentially.