Plan Sequencing Feature Update

Keeping patients engaged with their lifestyle plans so they can reach their wellness goals just got easier.

The new Plan Sequence feature enables you to easily assign consecutive Well World patient plans over extended periods of time — month by month, even for the whole year!

Save More Time in Your Practice

You can set up a patient lifestyle and nutrition plan for several months — or even a full year. And you won’t have to plan again for several months.

When you create extended patient care plans months in advance, you’ll know exactly how long you will be supporting each patient. This helps you plan better and understand how much time you have available.

Keep More Patients With You

It takes time to make lifestyle changes into habits that stick. With Well World’s plan sequencing, you can assign successive plans to patients to help them at each stage of their wellness journey.

With multiple plans over several months, patients will discover that health is a journey — and get better results the longer they stick with it.

Provide Larger Packages With Bigger Benefits

You know that patients get better results when they follow their care plans and follow up with additional visits. So why offer singular visits or programs when you can provide a better service with bigger packages?

Now you can offer a more complete care program in quarterly or yearly programs or monthly subscriptions.

How Plan Sequencing Can Work

As a health practitioner, you might start off your patient’s journey with patient intake and testing. Once you understand their baseline metrics and where their health currently is, you can map out a sequence of plans that will get them where they want to be.

By assigning multiple plans over several months, you can offer larger packages that give your patients bigger benefits — and help them get better outcomes.

To see how it works, log into your practitioner portal today!