Are you the definitive leader of your health business?

Whether you’re the head of your own multi-practitioner office, or a solo practitioner, you may think the answer to this question is obvious.

Being a leader is more than just being the owner or the head of an organization. Your ability to lead and build your authority has a lot to do with the actions you take within your business.

Projecting Your Personal Brand

Who are you as a practitioner? What is your personal brand

Patients that choose to work with you do so because of who you are and what you offer.

They may find you through a recommendation. A family member or friend comes to you with a health concern, and you help them. They resolve their health issue, and they start telling everyone they know about how great you are as a practitioner. That endorsement brings new patients through the door.

What about patients that find you on their own? How do they choose you?

They base their choice on how you are positioned. It may be the ratings you have on a health practitioner review site. It may be what you say on a podcast or in an online health summit. It may be the book that you write that moves them to work with you.

When you are a true leader in your expertise, you are the obvious choice for your patients. You have no competition.

How you lead your patients can determine whether they have better outcomes.

Be The Authority Your Patients Seek

Patients want you to take the lead in their care. That’s why they come to your practice. When you can provide them with an authoritative plan of action to relieve their symptoms, they will follow your lead.

For some patients, you may need to repeat your recommendations — often. Everyone is resistant to change, even practitioners, so it’s not surprising when patients selectively forget your advice.

That’s where Well World can help.

Use Well World as an Authority Tool

As a healthcare practitioner, you already know the premium quality of Designs for Health nutritional supplements, herbs and detox kits. You know that the formulations are therapeutic grade, created using good manufacturing practices, and based in science. You can prescribe them with confidence to your patients.

With the same confident mindset, you can “prescribe” the Well World app as the authoritative reminder system that helps keep your patients on track.

The app can offer them daily reminders to track their conditions or food or supplements taken in the app. It can also provide direction in between appointments, saving you a lot of time while supporting better outcomes for your patients.

And when you e-script Designs for Health supplements right in your patients’ plans, you are offering patients a more complete solution that can enhance their care plan.

And Designs for Health has developed educational literature for most products that you can also use to explain the benefits of each specific product to your patients. Your Health Educator can also help you better understand which products are most effective for your patients’ specific needs.

Positioning Yourself as a Leader

Patients are more likely to follow your leadership when you become a true leader.

Be authoritative and educational. Listen to their wants. Provide the expert advice and the success plan that gets them from where they are to where they want to be.

When you lead, your best patients will follow — and they will become a partner in their own health care.