Why You Need to Own Your Online Platform

If you’re offering group programs or self-study programs to patients — and you offer a private online group for your patients — it’s important to consider where these groups will exist online.

There are plenty of social media platforms that will allow you to instantly create your own private group. They’re often easier, faster, and less expensive than creating your own on your website.

But is it the best idea to create a health group on a social media site or third-party platform? Here are some legal considerations:

Retaining ownership of content

When you sign up for social media platforms, membership platforms, or other communities, there are always terms and conditions you need to agree to in order to use the system.

In general, you own whatever content you create. But posting it on a social platform gives the platform the right to save your work to its server so that it can be recalled quickly from anywhere in the world.

Social networks can open your proprietary content to theft. Your network of connections that have access to your work could potentially save it and share it as their own work — infringing on your copyright.

Your patients' privacy

Will your patients’ health information be protected if you’re using another company’s platform? While the information in your private group can’t be seen by the whole network, the platform is still retaining copies of everything posted inside the group.

Social networks collect user data, and they sell it to advertisers. There is very little transparency in exactly how these networks are using data — and who is using it to target your patients.

You may never know what the network does with data they continue to collect and save from your group.

Information censorship

You have information that you know can support your patients’ wellbeing. You want to share it to help as many people as you can. It makes sense that you would want to have your private group on a platform that most of your patients already use.

But what if your health knowledge and protocols are outside the realm of what a social network considers conventional medicine? What if your cutting edge science isn’t recognized by the larger medical establishment?

Depending on where you post it, you could be censored for sharing misinformation.

A vast amount of misinformation and conspiracy theories spread rapidly on social media, causing widespread fear and stress around the pandemic. In some cases, if you even mention the word C*V*D, you may be flagged as posting spam on social platforms.

All popular social networks have algorithms that recommend content based on what is popular and what it thinks readers want to see. Because of this AI function, many networks have also been blamed for the spread of health misinformation.

For example, Facebook has changed their policies and will no longer promote any health groups on their platform. That means any active health groups will be hidden from plain sight from most people.

How Well World supports the platform conundrum

Well World’s practitioner platform and app are HIPAA compliant and secure. You will never have to worry about sending patient-sensitive information in messages when you use the platform. And you’ll never have to worry about that information getting out into the public, being monitored by advertisers, or being censored.

More control over your communication

Instead of setting up a group on social media, you can instantly start your own group program in Well World.

All communications that go through Well World are HIPAA-compliant, so you will never have to worry about compromising sensitive patient information.

Well World also has a group messaging function to allow you to connect directly with multiple patients in one thread. You can have a private group conversation without being concerned that your conversation is being data mined.

Focus patient attention on your program and protocol

When your patients use the Well World app, they have a powerful accountability tool, automated coaching system, and secure way to communicate directly with you all in one place — so they can focus on their health goals and your recommendations.

Picture Well World as your own private virtual space for you and your patients, focused solely on health & wellness. With no other distractions, your patients are more likely to stay on track with their plan and get better outcomes.

Well World is an "end-to-end" solution

Plans & Protocols: Well World comes with dozens of done-for-you nutrition plans and Designs for Health supplement protocols that you can assign to patients with just a few clicks.

Programs & Promotion: Don’t have time to create and launch a group program or self-study program? You can work with Well World’s marketing partner to help you launch your first — or next — online program.

Private Label & Branding: If you want to take the Well World app and Designs for Health supplements and make them look and feel more like your practice’s brand, you can upgrade to private label supplements and a branded app.

However you want to use it, Well World is here to help you serve more patients in less time — and increase your earnings without adding more hours.