Chiropractor, naturopath, functional medicine practitioner, acupuncturist… no matter your specific modality, it is hard to get noticed as an expert when there are thousands of other practitioners in your field.

The best way to differentiate yourself is to pick a specialty within your field and position yourself as an authority in that niche. Once you choose your specialty, you can claim your authority online using any or all of these online channels

Speak in online summits

Virtual summits curate dozens of health talks from leading experts and broadcast them over several days. The host typically records interviews with each of the speakers on their area of expertise, and the talks are released over a set period of time.

Summits are great for building your authority because they are typically launched to a large online audience for free for a limited time. Your message can potentially reach several thousand new prospective patients who are specifically looking for what you offer.

Be a guest writer in an industry publication

There are thousands of online publications that are hungry for content. They need new and fresh ideas each and every month. When they publish articles from experts, it helps the publication stand out as a voice of authority. At the same time, it gives you a platform to show off your expertise.

For example, if you specialize in supporting men’s health, you could write a piece for a general interest or men’s magazine. Or you pen an article for a psychology publication if you are a mental wellness specialist. If you support corporate wellness, you could write for a business or HR website.

Get interviewed on local radio and TV networks

Local news channels often need experts to interview for stories. If you have an assistant, you can have them reach out to reporters at local networks to recommend you as an expert that they can call for quotes. If you don’t have staff support, you could hire a publicist to pitch you as a leading authority in your field. Of course, if you don’t have any of those, you can start yourself by reaching out yourself to your local radio station.

Some stations have morning shows that highlight local businesses. If you have a short wellness talk or tips that you can share, you can reach out to your local news program about appearing as one of the segments. This is a great way to get known in your community as well as positioning you as an authority.

Write an authority ebook

It’s easier than ever to publish your own books thanks to online book sellers and print-on-demand publishing houses. When you become a book author, you are
automatically seen as an authority.

You can pen your own book about your area of expertise, showcasing your clinical experience, proprietary methods, or unique findings.

Whether you decide to sell your book online, or give it away through your website to prospective patients, your book will help position you as a leader in your field.

You can also offer it directly to your patients through Well World. You can upload a PDF version of your book through your practitioner portal.

Record authority videos

Your ebook content can also be turned into short videos to boost your credibility and relatability. You can use your smartphone or your computer to record yourself speaking about your expertise and offering quick, helpful tips.

You can post these clips on social media and on your own website. And you can provide them through the Well World app, giving them to patients when you assign them a plan.

Authority builds trust, attracts new patients

It’s well known that specialists get paid more than generalists. When you position yourself as the practitioner with expertise in digestive health, Hashimoto’s, diabetes, cardiovascular wellness, or any other niche, your practice will grow and thrive as more patients seek your particular expertise.

When your current patients see you as an authority and they trust your advice, they will more likely refer friends and family to you. This word-of-mouth marketing from your patients is gold — and it can help you attract more of your ideal patients.

With more visibility online, you will expand your reach and attract new patients. And when people who are seeking your expertise can easily find your practice online, you can rapidly fill your practice.