Dig into Patient’s Reports

Did you know that you can get real-time reports on your patients’ progress with the click of a button? In your Well World® practitioner portal, you can see how well your patients are tracking — and where they need help.

Get Better Insight on Your Patient’s Progress

Reports give you a full breakdown of every lifestyle factor and that your patient is tracking in Well World. With a glance, you will see how compliant your patient is with their nutrition and lifestyle plan.

If you see that your patient is making progress, you or your staff can send them a message of encouragement by text message through the Well World app. Conversely, if your patient is non-compliant in any area, you can give them a quick digital nudge to get them back on track.

Share Report With Your Patient for Accountability

Reports can inspire and motivate your patients. Seeing the complete picture of their progress can help patients see how far they have progressed and motivate them to keep going.

When reports show how patients have slipped, showing them the full picture can help them reset to their goals.

You can easily download each report as a PDF file and email it to your patient. Use it at your next appointment to discuss their progress and realigning their plan to their big picture goals.

Generate Your Report Instantly

To get started, click on a patient’s name. Click the report button on the right side of the page to generate the report.

What’s Inside the Patient Reports?

Once your report opens, you can see right away if your patient has been compliant with their plan:

  • How many days they have tracked and missed
  • Which goals your patient has set
  • Metrics they have not tracked

Diving Deeper into Tracked Metrics

From there, your report goes into more specific details:

Weight — patient’s weight loss goal, how much they weighed at the start and end of their program, and how many pounds and percentage of their goal they achieved

Waist — if they are tracking their waist measurements, you’ll be able to see their progress 

Sleep — are they meeting their sleep goals? And how often have they tracked? 

Movement — steps tracked, flights of stairs climbed, and average number of minutes of movement per day

Meditation — meditation goal, mindfulness minutes tracked, and which days your patient meditated

Nutrition — supplements assigned and which days your patient took them

Conditions — how many days of conditions were recorded, top three conditions tracked, and which positive and negative conditions were tracked