Integrate Shopify and Well World for Your Complete Mobile Practice and E-Commerce Solution

Ecommerce has quickly become a critical component of practice success. 

Online shopping has more than doubled in the last year. Mobile shopping is leading the surge – with 72% of shoppers preferring to purchase through their phones. And with all the conveniences of ecommerce today, many people have already shifted their buying habits forever to only shop online. 

Now, you can quickly and easily add Shopify to your Well World app and drive more revenue in your practice!

Turnkey Integration

It’s easy to add Shopify to Well World in just a few simple steps. In your Shopify Store, you follow our instructions to create a private app. Once it is created, you can send the API key and storefront access token to our developers to finish the integration for you. 

Your Shopify and Well World integration can be up and running within 24-48 hours!

Instantly Expand Your Well World Capabilities 

Many practitioners use Shopify to consolidate all of the products they recommend and offer to patients. These can be Designs for Health supplements, as well as other supplements, herbs, and related health and wellness products that support patient health goals.

Now, in addition to your online Shopify store, you can make all of those same products available to your patients to purchase – right through the Well World app.

Simplify Your Patient’s Experience

You can assign a customized wellness plan through your Well World practice portal and include recommendations for any products from your Shopify site. Your patients can stay engaged with their plans, and shop for their recommended supplements and other healthy items, all in one place. 

Boost Patient Engagement and Practice Revenue

Whether you offer Designs for Health supplements, your own private-label supplements, or other brands and products, you can now add your own Shopify products to the done-for-you supplement and nutrition plans available with Well World. 

Using Well World to assign your patients wellness plans, recommend products and consolidate their purchase into one easy-to-use mobile ecommerce solution – you can increase the value and frequency of patient purchases – driving revenue for your practice.