Lessons in Health Entrepreneurship From The Mindshare Leadership Summit

First, let’s start by saying the Well World team was thrilled to sponsor JJ Virgin and Karl Krummenacher’s Mindshare Leadership Summit this year. It was an action-packed weekend that brought together the top leaders in clinical practice and health entrepreneurship. 

Despite the challenges of being all virtual for the first time ever this year, the energy and enthusiasm was palpable throughout the event. You could see practitioners making breakthroughs and charting their course to greater practice growth in 2020 and beyond. 

As always, the Well World team came to support practitioners. We help them expand their practices and help more patients with Well World and Designs for Health supplements. 

Each and every session had their own pearls of wisdom, but here are a few that we collected for you from Brandy Kinnear:

Stop positioning yourself as a generalist

You cannot offer everything to everyone. Think about the ideal patients already in your practice that you love helping — what was the tipping point that got them to come see you? Those are your best patients. 

Your specialty will attract your most ideal patients and make it easier for you to be found in a sea of practitioners. And specializing won’t limit your practice — some patients will likely come to you to solve their other health challenges, too. 

Don’t rely on social media alone to promote your practice

Facebook and YouTube are censoring health misinformation, so these platforms are going overboard to eliminate most health information. If you want to stay connected to prospective patients, you need to own your content. 

Building your own email list, creating your own group in your website or your own app, and staying connected in your own community are some of the best ways to keep your audience. 

Online group programs are key to rapid growth

More people than ever are looking for specific health solutions online. That’s another reason why you need a specialty — people want clear solutions that will solve their problems. And many people want to be part of a like-minded group working toward similar goals. 

With more people interested in maintaining good health, preventing seasonal illnesses, or protecting themselves amid the pandemic, there are more opportunities than ever to expand your practice. 

Building multiple revenue streams is key to successful growth

Practitioners who are serving patients in a one-to-one model are trading dollars for hours. By doing so, they are limiting their reach and capping their income. Building a scalable online program and adding an e-commerce solution will help more practitioners thrive no matter the economic or public health climate. 

Click here to see the replay of Brandy Kinnear’s presentation.