Watch our Getting Started video series and build your practice with our 3-part Implementation webinar.

The Well World Getting Started Series is your Quick Start guide to setting up your Practice and adding your first patients!

We highly suggest you set aside a few minutes to complete these steps so that you can get the most out of Well World.

  • Step 1: Your Practice Profile Settings shows you how to quickly personalize and customize your practice before using it with patients.
  • Step 2: Add Yourself as a Patient teaches you how to add yourself as a patient so you can experience the Well World app just like a  patient will.
  • Step 3: Add your First 5 Patients shows you how to get started assigning plans and supplements with real patients!


The Well World Practice Implementation Training Course is a 3-part webinar series hosted by Betty Murray, PhD, nutritionist, business-owner and clinical practice expert.

The course is designed specifically for clinical practitioners and their staff and provides a practical guide for implementing Well World in your practice to streamline your workflow, improve your patient experience and results, and generate new growth and revenue opportunities.

  • Module 1: Engage covers an introduction to Well World, the value and benefits of using it in your practice, how it can help build practice revenue, and a quick-start guide to getting up and running.
  • Module 2: Implementation helps you develop a strategy for using Well World in your practice, and a tactical plan for incorporating Well World into your practice workflow, including how to prepare, organize and train staff, and even how to launch your first patient group. 
  • Module 3: Practice Building provides information on how you can leverage Well World to build new programs, services, and offerings; attract new patients to your practice; re-engage dormant patients, and grow revenue.