Watch our Getting Started video series and build your practice with our 3-part Implementation webinar.

Well World by Designs for Health: Getting started video for practitioners. 

We highly suggest you set aside a few minutes to watch this video to the very end and learn how you can use Well World to better manage your patients in groups, increase compliance, simplify supplement recommendations and ordering,  increase practice revenue and sales.

Well World enables you to easily provide complete lifestyle plans and information, make supplement recommendations, monitor and track your patients’ progress in real-time, and provide better support between visits.

And Well World gives individual patients, coaching clients, and groups everything they need to follow a customized lifestyle plan – including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and meditation – and DFH products that they can order and have shipped right from the Well World app.

With Well World, not only are you able to generate more revenue for your practice, you’re able to support your patients and clients more efficiently, get better engagement and compliance, gain visibility into patient behavior and progress, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

The Well World Practice Implementation Training Course is a 3-part webinar series hosted by Betty Murray, PhD, nutritionist, business-owner and clinical practice expert.

The course is designed specifically for clinical practitioners and their staff and provides a practical guide for implementing Well World in your practice to streamline your workflow, improve your patient experience and results, and generate new growth and revenue opportunities.

  • Module 1: Engage covers an introduction to Well World, the value and benefits of using it in your practice, how it can help build practice revenue, and a quick-start guide to getting up and running.
  • Module 2: Implementation helps you develop a strategy for using Well World in your practice, and a tactical plan for incorporating Well World into your practice workflow, including how to prepare, organize and train staff, and even how to launch your first patient group. 
  • Module 3: Practice Building provides information on how you can leverage Well World to build new programs, services, and offerings; attract new patients to your practice; re-engage dormant patients, and grow revenue.