01 Class 1 Zapier

Zapier Connections

Zapier connects two or more pieces of software or apps together so they communicate freely. 

For example, if someone fills out a form, you may want to include that information in a spreadsheet so your staff can fulfill on the request. 

Another example, which is specific to what we’re accomplishing here, when someone buys your service program, they get added to Well World. 


Before we go through these steps, please remember that you don’t have to use Zapier. You can manually add a client into Well World as they purchase or sign up. 

This gives you great insight into how Well World is working and helps you troubleshoot issues. There’s another advantage to adding them manually, and that is the phone number. 

With Zapier, you cannot add the client’s phone number. So if you want to use the SMS feature, which reminds the client that they have a new plan or it’s time to reorder supplements, you have to add this information manually anyway. Please keep that in mind.

Zapier steps

The first thing to remember about our specific app (Well World), the connection never goes Well World first into something.

It has to go “Software” into Well World.

Well World can never be a trigger for automation; it always receives.

Step 1: Make sure Well World and your other software are connected to your Zapier account. This typically is achieved by logging in but sometimes you have to find an API key. This is going to depend on the software (app) you’re connecting. With Well World, it’s simply logging into your Well World account. 

NOTE: If you use an automatic password filler, please observe this, especially if you get an error. The number 1 reason for a mistake at this step is that you’re on the Zapier URL and are likely adding your Zapier password, not your Well World.

Step 2: Make sure you know which plan you’re going to add someone to (or group if you’re using a group) – You only have two options for Well World: Add to a plan or Add to a group.

Step 3: Make sure you’ve created your product or form in the triggering software so that when someone registers for your program/product, they can be added to Well World.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND: Do a test purchase or registration. It makes it easier to build your Zap.

Step 4: Build your zap. Your trigger options in your software are likely (or “when this happens…”):
Assessment completed, new form submission, new purchase, tag added, or tag removed –

AGAIN, if you have not completed the steps above, you cannot make your zap. Ensure you know what you’re selling and how people register for your program before you make your zap.

The options for receiving the client into Well World are (or “then do this…”) Register client or Register client in a group.

In the picture below, I’m using Kajabi as an example. 

Use the embedded Zapier template search to use some of the templates that we’ve created for you. Remember Well World is never the first step (even though it’s listed first here). 

It’s listed first because this is the focus of our search. It’s the app that we all have in common.