01 Class 1 Patient Journey Flow

What Path Does a New Patient Take?

When a new patient “meets” you out in the digital world for the first time, they may not know anything about you. They learn about you via your social posts, email, website, and word of mouth from other patients.

They learn about a new program you’re launching and visit the LANDING PAGE you’ve constructed that tells them about it. 

They decide they want to buy, so they purchase. The money is exchanged via the PAYMENT SOLUTION. The payment solution is the bridge between their bank account and yours. 

You receive a notification. Your patient receives a receipt or invoice. Zapier receives a notification also. Because you’ve programmed it to add the patient/client to Well World and assign the plan that’s associated with the purchase. 

Your patient receives an email from Well World, asking them to download the app and set it up. 

If you’ve chosen the “PAY IN FULL UPFRONT” program model, you log in to DFH and order the supplements on behalf of your patient, dropshipping them to their shipping address. In this scenario, the patient is making one purchase.

If you’ve chosen the “PATIENT BUYS SUPPLEMENTS SEPARATELY” program model, your patient has the opportunity to buy the assigned supplements from the app. In this scenario, the patient is making two or more purchases.

Your coaching begins at any point from the purchase point.