Well World by Designs for Health: Working with supplements

If you haven’t set up your portal yet or explored Well World, head back to the last video and review the steps on adding a patient. It’s going to make moving forward a lot easier.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can utilize Well World to assign supplements to patients using the Well World app, which they can then order directly from Designs for Health, helping to improve compliance and increase revenue for your practice. 

We also look at how to create and customize supplement protocol templates that you can use with multiple patients.

With a virtual dispensary, condition-specific protocols, patient education materials, in-app ordering, and autoship, Well World makes it easy for you to provide detailed supplement recommendations. The intuitive navigation and user-friendly features within Well World make it simple for your patients to follow your recommendations, order with ease and track their progress so you can monitor compliance.

Well World features preset, evidence-based supplement protocols designed to address common health conditions such as GERD, Leaky Gut, Hashimoto’s, and many other prevalent clinical presentations. You can easily recommend one of these protocols, customize them per your preferences, or create completely new supplement protocols and recommendations. Whichever you choose, your patients will be ordering their supplements and tracking with just a few clicks.